DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Do not add DCA to hot or warm beverages.
DCA is unstable at higher temperatures.

DCA—my clinical experiences—intravenous and oral uses from Lemmo Integrated Cancer Care

Italian research paper indicates DCA effective against neuroblastoma Link Author comments (21 Sept 2011)

An apparently complete success against bile duct cancer Link (7 July 2011)

Palliation of Leg Pain Arising from Metastatic Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma: A Case Report. Link (15 April 2011) by Dr. Akbar Khan of Medicor

Mexican DCA Alert: They are back. We recommend you NOT buy DCA from sananatural.com Link (26 January 2010)
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Michelakis-Sutendra research shows DCA as a possible new treatment for pulmonary hypertension Link (11 August 2010)
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Hazim Gaber of DCAadvice.com sentenced to 3 years in prison, fines and restitution Link (25 August 2010)
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Late Stage Melanoma victims, see this clinical trial (and this related paper) (This immunotherapy procedure works.)
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Mantle Cell Lymphoma victory, Chat Room link. (27 January 2010)

Brain Cancer Success Story Link (Update 16 January 2010)

MIT researchers Stephen Lippard and Shanta Dhar create "Mitaplatin", a cisplatin-DCA hybrid. Link (14 Dec 2009)

University of California recruiting for breast cancer and NSCLC clinical trials. Link (9 December 2009)

- A Public Domain Drug Act - Link (8 Sept 2009)
"DCA strikes me as a perfect example of the kind of thing that money publicly raised ought to be financing." Link

Medicor Cancer Centres DCA Reports
July 2009 report / September 2008 report / December 2007 report

Laurine's Metastatic Colon Cancer Remission Link (20 July 2009)

Fantastic NSCLC Remission (not DCA) full protocol (16 July 2009)

New Australian DCA Breast Cancer Study Link (28 June 2009)

DCA-Breast cancer cell line study published Link (14 May 2009)

Breast Cancer Remission Story from a Malaysian Clinic Link (27 April 2009)

Colo-Rectal with Mets on Liver Link (6 March 2009)

Tim's Lymphoma Story Link (5 May 2009)

Vince reports all Sarcoidosis symptoms are now gone. Link (24 Dec 2008)

Update on Kidney Cancer Report
Doctor's reports and scans Link
(19 Dec 2008)

Norwegian Glioblastoma-DCA story (updated 3 December 2008)
Link1 Link2 Medicore and recent post

OUTRAGE IN BELGIUM! (25 Oct. 2008)

After the news story in the Belgium press of two terminally ill cancer patients who used DCA and are now on the road to recovery, the Belgium people are asking questions. "It has brought a lot commotion in Belgium. All the people are wondering why they haven’t heard from DCA any sooner! And they wonder why it isn’t recognized yet as an official medicine for cancer! They are shocked!" (additional Belgium link) (Google-translated English versions 1, 2)

More Dutch DCA + cancer articles:
http://galgangcarcinoom.blogspot.com/2008/10/vrijdag-24-oktober-donderdag-kreeg-papa.html (English translation) This article discusses the press coverage of DCA

(English translation) This doctor says he was cured of prostate cancer for 35 Euros

Colo-Rectal Cancer Story Link (17 November 2008)

Wim Huppes' Prostate Cancer Story Link (14 November 2008)

Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumor Link (10 November 2008)

Pancreatic Cancer short report (23 Sept 2008)

Lymphoma Remission Reported.
Scans and doctor's reports included. Link (9 Sept 2008)

Great Glioblastoma response Link (4 Sept 2008)

New DCA articles published

Metabolic Modulation of Glioblastoma with Dichloroacetate
(1st DCA clinical study) Link.

Reversal of the glycolytic phenotype by dichloroacetate inhibits
metastatic breast cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo

Investigation on the mechanism of dichloroacetate (DCA) induced apoptosis in breast cancer.
L. Ko, J. Allalunis-Turner; Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada 2009
Link (alternate link)

Paper (April 2009) by Zongjian Zhu et. al., Colorado State U shows "DCA significantly reduced the number of mammary adenocarcinoma per rat" Link

2008 Michelakis' paper (Sept 2008)

'Dichloroacetate induces apoptosis in endometrial cancer cells.'

link to full text

"Dichloroacetate (DCA) Sensitizes Both Wild-Type and Over Expressing Bcl-2 Prostate Cancer Cells In Vitro to Radiation"
Link to full text

DCA reports and emails
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(Updated 18 August 2010)

DCA with Caffeine has been connected to a number of remissions, including these:
#3, cholangiocarcinoma Click
#4, a NSCLC Click
#5 canine bladder cancer Click
#6 Lymphoma Click

Warning: Brain cancer patients who take DCA are at risk. click here

Pancreatic Cancer?
Curcumin and DHA synergistic. Link

New possible mechanism for DCA synergy with caffeine. Link

The Unpatentable Drug Issue

Full DCA-Caffeine Survey Results
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(updated April 27, 2009)

Welcome to The DCA Site

This site is to help inform people of the exciting research done on DCA by scientists at the University of Alberta. In January 2007, a team of scientists at the University of Alberta published a paper in the scientific journal, Cancer Cell, describing the discovery that a simple, cheap molecule, DCA, worked to reactivate the apoptosis mechanism of cancer cells, causing rapid shrinkage of tumors in rats. Mitochondrial reactivation represents an entirely new approach to treating cancer.

The tumors shrank 70% in three weeks.

DCA is not patentable as a molecule. There is no incentive for private companies to spend the millions of dollars needed to get DCA approved as a cancer treatment by the FDA. This is where we, all of us, need to step in. We intend for TheDCAsite.com to be the meeting place, for the world, where all the important information on DCA is gathered and shared.

This site gives  the results of the Michelakis research, a look at the possible side effects of DCA and the prospects of it being used by YOU. We have posted the best summaries we can reach on dosages, side effect concerns and additional measures to take to help you fight cancer. Questions are answered and a chat room is provided.

To avoid any legal issues, we must state we are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.

DCA has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cancer. It can be prescribed "off-label" by your physician.

Please note that DCA is not active against all cancers. An excellent analysis by "Willis", which is supported by the limited feedback we are getting, indicates that sarcomas, for example, are not controlled by DCA. (Note. sarcoma patients, read this).(head and neck squamous cell patients, click here.) However, many cancers are definitely responding to DCA. Non small cell lung cancer patients, even in Stage 4 are showing good responses. We are seeing lymphatic, bladder and other cancers responding very well to DCA. And recently we are hearing that small cell lung cancers sometimes respond well to DCA.

DCA is serious medicine. Study the material on the site. Read our dosage page.

We want to encourage everyone to use the Chat Room or ask the questions you want answered. We strongly recommend you join and register as a chat room user.

The site was first uploaded late on February 5, 2007. The chat room was added February 8, 2007.


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