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Background on Hyperimmune Egg

Polyvalent “hyperimmune" or "immune" eggs are laid by hens that have been stimulated multiple times with whole or parts of inactivated bacteria. (http://www.HyperimmuneEgg.org).

Stimulating the hens results in eggs that contain immunoglobulins (antibodies) of many classes, with the dominant class being the unique avian IgY class (1).

Even after ingestion, a large portion of these immunoglobulins are still able to bind antigen (2). Along with the production of immunoglobulins, stimulation of the hens results in generation of molecules that appear to have pro-, and anti-inflammatory, properties (3,4). Such factors appear to help the body initiate defenses against pathogens, mutating cells, and maintain immune homeostasis, by up- or down-regulating immunological responses, especially those of a defensive, autoimmune, or inflammatory nature.

[During inflammatory responses, different categories of effector immune cells communicate with one another via biological mediators (e.g., cytokines, ecosanoids) to up- (pro-inflammatory) or down-regulate (anti-inflammatory) inflammatory processes (5).]

Such inflammatory processes appear to the hallmarks of many acute and chronic conditions (6) ranging from atherosclerosis (7-9), cancer (10-12), diabetes (8-10) and obesity (9, 13-15).

Polyvalent hyperimmune egg appears to have immunoregulatory properties that help the body modulate autoimmune (16), joint (16, 17), cardiovascular (18), and gastrointestinal (19,20) function. Hyperimmune egg appears to help the body “balance” immunologic responses, up-modulating or down-modulating as necessary to enhance immunological defenses or healing.

This all-natural ingredient has over 100 patents and patent submissions including two separate patents that claim polyvalent and inhibition of RNA transcription of pro-inflammatory (3,4).

In clinical trials of HIV/AIDS (21, unpublished) subjects experienced dramatic changes in appetite, strength, feeling of well-being, digestive function, joint and muscle comfort. Also of note are the dramatic differences seen in athletic performance, endurance, recovery and strength in individuals on hyperimmune egg (22-25). [These results may be due to down-regulation of proinflammatory cytokines, which have been shown to result in fatigue (26)].

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Patent Links for Immune26

US Patents relating to the product:

6,803,035 Anti-diarrheal and method for using the same
6,729,265 Supplemented antibody feed to enter the circulating system of newborns
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by administering milk or egg products from hyperimmunized animals

6,420,337 - CAF - Highly purified cytokine activating factor and methods of use - in water soluble fraction of the egg yolk
7,083,809 - CIF - Purified cytokine inhibitory factor - in lipid fraction of the egg yolk

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This comment on i26 is from webmd.com (link)
"I've used hyperimmune egg, I26, since 2001 for Crohn's disease. I take 2 servings a day. I've been in 'remission' beginning in the 3rd month after starting on it. My doctor was able to reverse my colostomy 5 months after starting using i26. I have almost no abdominal pain anymore, or diahrrea, and sleep through the night. I was at 112 lbs when starting on it, and I'm 5'10". Have been at 165-170 since 2003."
See also this WebMD page.