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P's Kidney Cancer

Update at top: 19 December 2008. September info below

email, 19 December 2008

Dear Jim,

We got the result of the Pet scan, IT IS GOOOOD!!!

No recurrence anywhere.
Some nodules disappear or cannot seen.
The two nodules need attention last time show improvement or stable.
All nodules's suv lower than the liver.

This is the best Christmas gift we ever have!!!!
You cannot believe the difference between last year and this year's Christmas.

I really want to thank you JIM and your web-site work team and also all the people who writes their experences on site. You all change our life.

Our doctor says nothing to worry and ask what we have done during this time. We introduce DCA to him and he is very open mind and very interesting at DCA, he even bookmark your site!

.....Thank you. Hope you a merry merry Christmas!

** (** and husband)




Here is the initial report of a great improvement in a kidney cancer, reported to us on 12 September 2008.


ct scans



report 1



report 2

Email, 12 September 2008

Dear Jim,

Thank you for giving me hope on you DCA website, and I just want to give back some hope to people who need it.

My husband has kidney cancer, diagnosed on 08/2007, stage 4, mets to both lungs, takes out one kidney one week after diagnosed and start Nexaver, cyberknife and Sutent and DCA. He has 14 nodules in lungs, now only two needs attention (suv under 1), 5 nodules resolved, 2 nodules diffuse (hopefully resolve later). Is it amazing?

I like to share his intake and timeline during his treatment:

08/2007 Diagnosed
Start 5 kinds of green vegetable juice- green apple, celery, green pepper, bitter melon and cucumber, one big cup morning and one big cup afternoon.

02/2008 Start eating seeds, apple pits, cherry seeds, flaxseeds and bitter almonds, just blend and mix with water and 3 times a day. (about 50 cherry seeds per day)

26/03/08 to 07/04/08 Cyberknife treatment 8 days

15/04/08 Start Sutent 50mg (25mg in the morning and 25mg evening)

18/04/08 Start DCA 10mg/kg, once a day, 5 days on and two days off

17/05/08 Turn up DCA to 9mg/kg x 2 times
Lemon water 15 mins before DCA
V-B1 500 to 1000mg per day

22/08/08 Turn down DCA to 6mg/kg x 2 times, due to pain on foot

Go to hiking everyday for 2 hours, lots of sweating and fresh air and help to train heart and lungs, and get Vitamin D.
Lots of Chinese tea and Japanese green tea everyday.

We started Nexavar at 08/2007 and stopped at 02/2008 due to progression of disease and new mets found (including 3 lymph nodes in lungs)

Then we found cyberknife on web and want to try, so we have to stop taking any medicine 2 weeks before the CK treatment. By that time my husband takes the seeds to make him felt better than no medicine.

We had a CT before CK treatment, it shows no new mets when we take the seed only,
Slightly increase in size of some nodules.

Now we know that no new mets from 03/2008 to 09/2008. Thanks God!

Pet scan on 06/2008 shows some nodules decrease in size and even 90% decrease in TLG. (This scan is made after 1 1/2 cycle of sutent)

Pet scan on 09/2008 shows much more improvement.

We have no idea what really helps us , the Seeds? Veg Juice? Green tea? Sutent? or DCA? Or the combination of all? But I am sure DCA plays important role ! Cyberknife helps a lot too.

One more thing I want to mention, my husband is a Type II diabetes for 10+ years, and takes medicine orally. He stops his meds on 05/2008, he had a more healthy diet and do lots of exercise, his AIC on 09/2008 is 6.8. Even better than taking the meds!

Never never give up, even some doctors told me sutent is useless and never heard cyberknife before. They give us no choice, we have to find our self and need courage to try something new and unknown, because we have no choice.

Best regards.

( I am not good at English, hope you understand and can correct for me, thanks) (note from Jim... I left the email intact. The English is very good.)

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