DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Report of success at a Malaysian Clinic

Woman Suffering From Metastatic Breast Cancer,
Given 6 Months To Live, Cured In 4 Months

This is a report of a fantastic breast cancer remission. Datin Rosy Tan was saved by her son, a naturopathic doctor who operates a clinic in Malaysia. Here is the story, including treatment details.

Report, via email, 24 April 2009

Hi Jim,

Before I began to tell you how I did it…how I cleared Stage 4 cancer, I must tell you the history behind it. We did not give modern cancer treatment a chance but it came a time that we (me and my sister) simply could not stand to see my mom suffered. We almost gave in to modern treatment, but my mom was much stronger than us…mentally…she was so positive, she was strong and up till the day before admission to the hospital before surgery, she was still working, diagnosing patients and prescribing vitamins and supplements…saving thousands of lives as she has done so for the last 10 years. Please convey this message to every cancer patient you know that “POSITIVE THINKING IS WHAT SAVED HER!”


It was the year 1997; Datin Rosy was diagnosed with Lymphoma Carcinoma on her right Breast. “Datin” is her title in Malaysia which is the opposite of “Datuk”or “Sir” for man. Datin Rosy was given a choice to make; undergo surgery to remove the breast and to receive 7 cycles of chemotherapy to arrest the cancer or she can choose to do nothing and live for the remaining six months of her life. Datin Rosy ignored the Doctors advice. Datin Rosy when on a strict nutrition diet and struck mostly to eating vegetables. Two years later, she is still alive, but the tumor had gotten bigger .Datin Rosy underwent surgery to remove the breast and 7 lymphatic nodules. The oncologist insists she did chemotherapy and radiation but Datin refused. She continued with nutrition, dietary supplements and vitamins administered by a local Alternative Doctor, Dr Wong.

Dr Wong was a modern medical doctor but gave up his practice and moved to the Alternative Medical world where he uses the Bicom Electro-Acupuncture Device to seek dietary problems in patients. The Chinese empirical healing technique, Acupuncture, uses the body’s energy meridian that connects to every organ. It is like an invisible super highway that links the organ and information can be extracted and manipulated. Acupuncture start-points mostly on the hands and feet, were link using the device to selected nutrition. The correct nutrition will show positive reading, whilst the wrong nutrition will show low reading or no reading at all. This way Dr Wong can accurately diagnose a patient of his or her disease simply by looking at their deficiencies. Datin Rosy took interest in Dr Wong’s work and began an intensive study and training under him. Datin Rosy also attended a crash course in Australia, where she studied natural medicine and vitamins. When she returned to Malaysia, months later, she began practicing her new found ability on her family and relatives. Her relatives brought friends and friends brought their friends. By the year 2000, Datin Rosy had form a naturopathic medical clinic where she has successful treated all sorts of chronic and acute patients by just using supplements and vitamins. But sadly, by the year 2002, she was diagnosed again with Breast Cancer and this time the cancer has spread to the left Breast. Datin intensified her treatment and in hopes to arrest the problem. By 2005, the cancer had spread to the lung. By 2006, Datin had to remove the left breast and was forced to undergo minor radiation therapy. I have relatives who are modern doctors and they tried their level best to persuade her to undergo radiation. My mom initially did not want radiation since radiation is worst than chemotherapy. But they assured her that the radiation is extremely mild just to remove 6 active cancer nodules on her chest.

Loads of arguments and the stress were building up within the family. Datin had the radiation done but 6 months later MORE cancer nodules showed up. She agreed to the radiation simply to proof to the family that it will not work. The radiation has also caused more tumors to grow all over her chest. The cancer spread to her lungs and the lumbar spine and by early 2007, Datin was in pain.

By this time, I had already left my comfy television career with Walt Disney Television and I was already a year into my alternative medical training in hopes to help Datin’s illness. By mid 2007, Datin visited her old friend Doctor Wong, who advised her to purchase the Bicom Bioresonance Device which was said to have cured thousands of people with all sorts of chronic diseases and even cancer worldwide. This device is made in Germany but the nearest user can be found in Singapore. A quick trip to Singapore and Datin Rosy was convinced. November of 2007, the first machine arrived. I stop my medical training (for a while) and left for Germany to study intensively on the Bicom 2000. When I return, I started treating my mom and other patients with the Bicom Bioresonance machine. The business had left both of us busy treating hundreds of chronic patients mostly suffering from Cancer. I must stress a point here that we do not treat cancer, we treat the entire body, and it is the healthy body that treats the cancer.

My sister, Shevonne left her law practice and started training on Bioresonance too. By mid 2008, Datin could hardly walk and breathe. The cancer had spread to the bone and the lungs. My sister and I had much to do to intensify Datin’s treatment. Concentration on both Bioresonance and naturopathic medicine was administered to Datin.

The treatment:

August 2008: Vitamin B17 via intravenous was administered together with other vitamins every day until October 2008. By this time, Datin had to undergo surgery to remove water from her lungs. Her outer and inner layer of her lungs had separated due to the after effects of radiation performed 2 years ago. Treatment continued 3 days after she was discharged.

(note: Vitamin B17 is illegal in most countries. Purchasing it or owning it for own consumption is not against the law. Selling is illegal by law. We do not sell Vitamin B17 but we will advise patient on how to purchase it. We do not stock in our clinic but we keep it somewhere else for Datin’s use only.)

November 2008 till January 2009:

Bioresonance Therapy (www.bicom-bioresonanz.com or google Bicom2000)
Full body treatment.
Removal of all Viral, Bacterial, Heavy Metal, Chemical and Parasite load.
Organ Therapy according to Chinese acupuncture meridian.
Lung treatment increasing O2… she was hard in breathing.

December 2009: DCA and DMSO arrived from USA.


DMSO 99% of 10ml, (mix with 10ml of Saline to dilute)
Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) 30ml (9grams),
Vitamin C 30ml,
Glutathione Reduced 30ml (once a week)
Injected intravenous everyday Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday was rest days.

DCA-Coffee-Vitamin B1 Protocol at 300mg every 12 hours. In between DCA therapy, she drank 0.5liters of coffee except for night time. 100mg to 10kg body weight. She weight about 55kg. So we gave her 300mg at 9am and another 300mg at 9pm. There is no harm to administer DCA slightly higher except if the patient has brain tumor.

Vitamins and Supplements taken:

Jarrow’s Formula (USA):
Liver PF - cure and strengthen the Liver (miracle product)
Colon PF - cure and strengthen the Colon (miracle product but unfortunately the company discontinue this item because it does not sell well..silly!!!)
Glutathione Reduced - good maintenance, antioxidant and liver detox)
IP6 (Inositol) - good maintenance, cell repair
MityQondrial CoQ10 - strengthen the heart muscle, power supply for cells
Quercetin - removes embolism/blockages
Cordecept - wellness and kidney repair
Neuro Optimizer - cleans up the brains and nerves
Brocomax - immune systems, remove bad estrogens, cell repair
Bone - cancer was at the Lumbar, build back bone loss
Jarro-Dophilus - intestinal probiotics

Saito-Pharma (Mexico)
Pancreatic Enzyme - a must for all cancer patients
Amigdalina Vitamin B17 (Pills) - highly illegal in most countries, land mine for cancer cells

Niteworks (nitrous oxide) - miracle powder to clean the blood vessel. Good for anemic patients, good for sickle cell anemic, and for men who can’t take viagra. This is a miracle product for high blood and heart patients. I recommend this product to all men and women of 35years and above.
Multi Vitamin - this Multi Vit is like turbo for humans

Our own Blend of Vitamins
Pau D’Arco - blood cleanser
Intestinal Micro-Villai - Intestinal repair
DHEA - hormone
Blood Cleanse - extra blood cleanser
Anti Parasite - hidden causes of most disease in the world, do not take parasites for granted. I have strong evidence that even parasites can cause cancer or what will look like cancer on an MRI/CT SCAN. Removing the parasite can also mean removing the root cause. I am working on six boys who have this problem and modern doctors are recommending chemotherapy. The Germans have great evidence on this issue.

End January 2009, tissue sample, water from the lungs and blood sample was taken and tested. The results were appalling.*** Datin’s cancer is now at the 4th stage. Datin’s life is hanging on a tread. Nevertheless, Bioresonance Therapy, Vitamin B17 and 20 different types of dietary supplements was still administered and no compromised was made by either me or my sister or any members of the family. February 2009, the fourth surgery to remove the water from the lungs had dragged an oncologist to test the cancer malignancy of the lung tissue, the water and Datin’s blood. 10th of March 2009, the results were ready for collection. To Datin’s astonishment, the result was all negative for cancer cells or any form of malignancy in lung tissue sample, water in the lungs and in her blood. The throbbing pain in her spine had gone and her breathing returned to normal after a few weeks. Doctors at the hospital could not believe the biopsy report and the oncologist claimed that there must be some mistakes made at the lab. All our relatives who are doctors cannot believe that Datin’s cancer is arrested. Not many people in the world are ever cured of cancer more so when the cancer is at the fourth stage. I cannot believe it myself. So I ordered another blood test to be done elsewhere. The results were the same, all malignancy is gone.

News of my mom success traveled fast. More desperate cancer patients are visiting our clinic. The doctors from the hospital gave us a visit to see what we were doing. We spent 4 hours explaining to the doctors how we did it. All they could say was: “…we don’t believe that vitamins, supplements and B17-DCA-DMSO protocols can help with cancer because scientifically and medically they are not proven.” So I said to them, “If you are looking to buy ladies lingerie in a Golf pro shop, well…you won’t find any! If you are looking to find vitamin’s scientific evidence in a modern university (funded by a giant pharmacy) you won’t find any but try walking into alternative universities in Germany or Australia and you will be amazed how advanced their natural medicines (orthomolecular) are, so effective and they have all the scientific evidence you will need”. Well the doctor was not too pleased with that statement. One of them said: “…all these vitamins or so-called food supplements are contents for the dustbin”. My mom smiled at them. I felt sorry for them and their patients. My sister had an evil “Lawyer’s” look on her face. My dad was waiting to get rid of them and later calling them idiots.

One of the doctors stayed behind and he told us this: “Bear in mind that treating cancer away from modern medicine is illegal in most countries. Western medicine has no cure for cancer, and they are not looking for a cure. If there is a drug invented by the pharmaceutical company that can actually cure cancer, that drug will immediately be removed from the market. Why? Because treating cancer is a lucrative business, a person with cancer will probably spend Rm100,000 to Rm300,000 (US$1 = RM3.8)in his life time in hopes to arrest the problem. Times that amount of money by 80,000 people diagnose of cancer in Malaysia every year and you will come up to gigantic sum of money distributed amongst pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors and electronics industries that makes MRI machines, radiation machines and devices that administers cancer chemotherapy.”

Pharmaceuticals make billions a year on all kinds of drugs and they have the financial power to influence mainstream media so that the general populations will never find out about this conspiracy. In short, what you don’t know about modern or allopathic cancer treatment can actually kill you faster than the cancer can. There are also more people making money from cancer treatment than people dying from it.

Further to that, my mother-in-law (Mrs Lim) has 4th Stage breast Cancer. She did not believe in our therapy or our vitamins. She literally died in the hospital twice! Her brain and her heart stop for 15 seconds and half an hour later stopped again for 45 seconds. The blanket covered her face twice. When the oncologist told my dad-in-law that there is nothing that can be done, only then they decide to call their son in law, me! The controversial son-in-law!

I force them to drag her out from the hospital and bring her to my clinic. The doctors allowed her to leave and gave her only less than 5 days to survive. I administered everything I could except for all the vitamins including B17. She just could not swallow anything. I only could use the Bicom 2000 Bioresonance machine. 3 weeks after intense bioresonance she was awake and aware. She could eat and drink. She was still in pain and under morphine but the morphine ran out and the hospital could not give her anymore. I just started DCA to reduce the swelling of the tumor in her left eye. I prepared two bags of tea in one cup, and 500mg of DCA. I let her drink it down and I sent her home. The next morning she told my wife that there was no pain even without the morphine.

As of two weeks ago, new supplies of DCA, DMSO and B17 came. I have started her on it. I have taken photos of her tumor in hopes to show the world how a visible facial tumor disappeared with DCA-coffee-b1 protocol.

Our Total Body Treatment

Most cancer patients will undergo chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Many have suffered and died, but few have survived and lived thru chemotherapy. Unfortunately they do relapse some years later. Either the cancer came back or tumor had sprung elsewhere else. In our practice, we believe the cancer never when away in the first place. We believe that every disease has a start point. So arresting the cancer is not enough. We need to find the root cause. That’s where bioresonance comes in.

The Bicom 2000 Bioresonance device can help find the root cause of the cancer. We all know that every human being has cancer cells. It is up to our immune system to get rid of these degenerated cells. Cancer cells or degenerated cells are our own and once healthy cells that have gone astray. Cells that are damage or cells that have reach their shelve life will kill themselves. This process is call apoptosis or cell death. If cells cannot eliminate themselves, then they will linger in our body, multiply and invade healthy tissue walls. This is now a cancerous situation and the start of a tumor.

The root cause of cancer lies within the study of microbiology and immunology. The usual suspects are Virus, Bacteria and Parasites. Other influences can be heavy metal poisoning, chemical poisoning and fungus. In 1988, American scientist discovered that a certain virus called Sarcoma Virus will inject its DNA into healthy cells. Its DNA will recreate a new strain of human DNA and sometime is left dormant for years until a certain outside influence like Radiation, Chemical, smoking or heavy metal can start up the new DNA strain causing the cells to mutate and multiply.

Bacteria and Parasite however can invade our brain and impairing the part of our brain that is responsible for controlling all our bodily, organ and cell functions. These bacteria and parasite can also invade our central nervous system and cause nerve damage. Cell receptors are equally damage and hence causing the cells to degenerate. So how do we know what pathogen is damaging what organ and how do we know where the root cause is? The answer is quite simple and it needs, once again, the help of the Chinese. The Chinese traditional medicine practice believes that the human body is divided into 5 elements. Each element of the body consist a set of organs and is given a name.

The first element is called the Fire Element consisting of the male and female hormone, the endocrine system, the heart, the blood and the small intestine.

The second Element is the Earth Element consisting of the stomach, the spleen, the pancreas, the central nervous system, the brain, the sensory organs and the bodily metabolism.

The third element is the metal element consisting of the colon, the lungs, the skin and the connective tissues.

The forth element is the Water Element consisting of the urinary bladder, the kidneys, the male or female genitals, the lymphatic, the teeth, the nasal and the allergy receptors.

Finally the fifth element which is the Wood Element consisting of the bone joints, the liver, the gall bladder, fatty tissue, the muscles and the spine. All this element together makes up the human body and is simply named The 5 Functional Circuits or simply the 5 Element. All 5 elements have to be functioning in a circle of harmony. If one organ in any element is impaired, the circle loses its balance, and the person falls sick.

Each ampoule represents an organ of its element. Each ampoule contains health tissue and it measured using the Bicom device. If the reading is positive, it simply means the representing organ is impaired. The physician can also check whether the organ is impaired or if it’s over worked (stress). For example if the Liver from the wood element is impaired, this means the blood would not be filtered properly. Dirty blood is thick and it can cause two or more organs to be over worked. The heart will be stress since the blood is thicker causing the pressure to elevate. The kidney too may be over worked since the blood is filled with impurities. Now, with these results, the physician can test the cause of the deteriorating liver against a set of ampoules that represents virus, bacteria, heavy metal poisoning, chemical poisoning, the ability to eliminate toxins or simply an organ functional problem, degenerative or cancer and lastly parasites. If the result shows that the liver has been compromised by virus, the next step is to use another set of ampoules that can test and treat virus. The virus ampoule contains 27 different families of virus the world has ever known. Each ampoule contains viral information that is fed straight to the brain via bioresonance. The same technique use in vaccine technology minus the actual weaken virus going in our body. In vaccine technology, a patient is injected with the actual weaken virus. When this happens the immune system or antibodies will receive information about the virus and this information will translate into how to attack the actual virus if we ever encounter it in our life time. Bioresonance on the other hand send this information straight to the brain minus the chemicals and the actual weaken virus. So depending on the type of virus, bioresonance can remove the viral load in hours, days or perhaps months. This is also applicable to the bacteria ampoules, heavy metal, chemical, parasite and degenerated cells. The degeneration ampoules (DC), however, work slightly different. Based on the medical phenomena called apoptosis or programmed cell death. The DC ampoules are to test where the cancer is, at what stage, the name of the cancer and it can perform a course of treatment. Again… the treatment ampoules were designed (by a very nice German doctor) to heal the body so that the body can heal itself and fight cancer on its own.

Three natural defense against cancer cells.

Vitamin B17 is like a land mine.

DCA is like an oncologist.

DMSO takes two roles. 1) A tour bus and 2) A priest

Vitamin B17 has two elements of sugar, one element of Cyanide and one element of Benzeldahyde. Mixing Cyanide and Benzeldahyde makes these two toxic elements 100 times stronger then they are individually. But as a complete element, all four is lock tight and no human enzyme can break the bond that holds this elements together making this element totally harmless, except by an enzyme called Beta-Glucosidase found only in cancer cells. Cancer cells have impaired Mitochondrial. ( their battery cells) Without it, the cells are like zombies. And these zombies need to eat. When the cancer cells sense the two element of sugar (which is their food) they will consume it, chemical reaction will cause the two toxic substances to bond and kill the cancer cell. Therefore, B17 is like a land mine, step on it and it will explode.

DCA has chemical properties that start up the mitochondrial waking up the cancer cell from a zombie state, fully restoring the cells and then forcing them to apoptosize. This chemical reaction is strong and cells are force to die at a very high speed. I equate DCA to an oncologist because they will appear to help you up on your feet, boosting your immune system and then when you are well, they will zap you with Radiation or poison you with Chemo… which will eventually kill you. He he he! An oncologist friend of mine told me this.

DMSO is highly solvent; it is like a transport system to bring both DCA and B17 deeper into the tissue cells. Once there, it will allow the B17 and the DCA to work in areas which is difficult to penetrate. DMSO on its own also has properties to penetrate into the cell and remove toxics from the cancer cells and restarting the cell function again. The cell isn't forced to die. Just like a priest, rehabilitate a person and force him to do well.

Well that’s about how I treat my patients. So far out of 1500++ patients, I have kept my record down to 8 deaths in 2 years. Those who have died are victims of chemo and radiation. 6 of them had their brains fried by radiation. One is a leukemic 5 year old boy who had chemo done, and another great man who had 5 years of chemo, but sadly died because of the wrong blood transfusion. They all died in vain. Not because of cancer, but because of the effects of modern medicine.

Good Luck and please PRAY. Prayers are and will always be the first class form of healing treatment for all disease.

Sherman Xavier
Bicom Physician

*** We realize that vitamins work differently from allopathic medicine. Most of our patients will show similar symptoms where the Tumor Markers will sky rocket but 2-3 months later there will be a sharp drop. We consulted another ND and he told us that the DCA, B17 and other degenerative meds will “clean house” and dead cells will be carried by the blood and filtered out via the kidneys. This is also evident with taking cholesterol reduction vitamins, glucose optimizers or any vitamins that clean the arteries. We can't explain the positive malignancy and then a sudden change to no malignancy. Perhaps one day we will.

Additionally, Dr. Sherman Xavier gave us this, relating to another breast cancer patient (24 April 2009):

Hi Jim,

One piece of good news...a patient 39 years old came to see me 2 weeks ago. She had a tumor on her right breast the size of my fist. Hard as a rock. She could not afford the vitamins or the bioresonance treatment but she wanted to buy Vitamin B17 to shrink her tumor. I told her that Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells but it takes a truck load of B17 to shrink the tumor. So I sold her the DCA instead. One bottle of 100g of DCA. She weight about 90kg. I told her to take 500mg at 9am with tea or coffee and another 500mg at 9pm with Mild Nescafe 3 in 1 mix. She called me today and she said the tumor had shrunk and she can no longer feel it. She is saving some money to further perform the bioresonance therapy and to buy vitamins from our clinic. The cancer disease will still be there but the DCA only shrinks tumor. So do tell your patients the "freeking" DCA works like a charm. If only it grows hair!


Dr. Sherman Xavier's email