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Mosquitoes and Cancer

The work by Dr. Steven Lehrer shows a very distinct correlation between the rate of brain cancers and malaria. This is a fascinating discovery.

Association Between Malaria Incidence and All Cancer Mortality in Fifty U.S. States and the District of Columbia. 2010. Link.

Anopheles mosquito transmission of brain tumor. 2009. A fascinating look at the very high correlation of brain cancers and malaria outbreaks. Link

Transfer of tumor cells by mosquitoes. 1967 Link

Mosquito transmission of lymphomas. 1966. More details on the Hamster transmission. They failed to get a leukemia virus transmitted. Link.

Mosquito Transmission of a Reticulum Cell Sarcoma of Hamsters. 1965. Link.

Arthropod Transmission Of Rabbit Papillomatosis. 1958. "The virus of rabbit papillomatosis, a neoplastic disease studied intensively in relation to cancer because of its tendency toward malignant transformation, has been successfully transmitted by Aedes aegypti, Rhodnius prolixus, and Triatoma infestans from papillomas induced in cottontail rabbits" Link.