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Email, 5 September 2008.
Dear Jim,
I have attached a pdf file that contains my 3 and 6 month PET-CAT scan results. ...I have gotten some extremely good results. ... I hope you like the info in the PDF. I certainly do!
Best regards,

Below are scans and a copy of the reports. And following that is a detailed email describing the situation.

ct scans


First report, before starting DCA:

report 1


Second report, after approximately 6 weeks on DCA:

report 2



July 31, 2008 report.

Report 3

"Using the caffeine & Arizona Green tea with Ginsing, Honey, and DCA just before I go to sleep. Seems to be extremely effective!"

Email, 9 September 2008
Dear Jim,

... My personal treatment regime can best be described as sporadic, erratic, inconsistent and disorganized. This is probably good news for other people considering using DCA, but would more than likely drive a clinical researcher bonkers.

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in mid January 2008. What a surprise! I had no clue that I had cancer and I had no noticeable adverse effects. It was discovered totally by accident, from a routine x-ray.

My first PET-CAT (baseline) scans were performed at the end of January. I was especially shocked to find out that I had such a large abdominal tumor (grapefruit sized) and that it had spread to numerous other locations. My staging was rated 3.5 because of the large tumor mass and multiple locations. Fortunately, there was no evidence of spreading to the bones or brain, which would have resulted in a stage 4 or 4.5 rating.

After consulting with several cancer specialists, and reading everything I could find on the internet, I tried (unsuccessfully) to get into a very promising Lymphoma clinical trial. Since I did not like the long-term prognosis for the standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments, my doctor suggested that I keep searching and with his help apply for additional trials. Because I was not showing any adverse effect from the Lymphoma (except tumor size), my doctor recommended that I be on a "watchful waiting" status. This involved deferring treatments, but receiving periodic check ups and new scans every 3 months. If the disease worsens and/or adverse symptoms develop, I would then go ahead with conventional treatments.

In the meantime, I read about DCA cancer research on The DCA Site. After reading everything else I could find about DCA (pros and cons) from every site on the internet (including the NCI), I decided to give it a try while I was "watchfully waiting" for the Lymphoma to "get worse".

When I first obtained DCA in March, I immediately realized my office postage scale wasn't going to cut it for measuring out my experimental DCA dosages. The internet again came immediately to my rescue and I promptly ordered 2 very accurate and inexpensive battery operated digital scales (special price savings if you buy two).

Sometime in the second week of March, I finally mixed up my first DCA dose. It was a very precisely measured 2.0 grams of DCA in a very imprecisely measured 1/3 glass of water. It was not particularly tasty, but it was better than the regular tap water in some cities I've been to. I sporadically increased the DCA up to as much as a 4.5g dose. There were so many different factors going on in my life at that time that it was very difficult to evaluate any side effects or whether the treatment was having any effect. The extreme tingling of my toes, however, made it obvious that a lot of Vitamin B1 was essential (min 2,000 mg per day).

I have always consumed a lot of coffee (with extra caffeine) every day and continued to do so. I also tried some black tea, which is now one of my favorite drinks.

I eventually evolved to a 1.5g dose of DCA taken just before going to sleep. My latest technique is to stir the DCA in a 1/2 glass or more of Arizona Brand Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. I can't even taste any difference from the added DCA. The idea is to get the DCA inside the cancer cells, which constantly consume all the glucose they can get. I figure that drinking the DCA mixed with the glucose rich tea on an empty stomach just before going to sleep will load up the cancer cells - much like the radiation-loaded glucose works in a PET scan. Much better flavor than when mixed with water! I don't have any idea if the ginseng helps, it just comes with the tea and I like the overall taste.

Since I wanted and still want to keep my options open for clinical trials, I couldn't discuss my own DCA trial with my oncologist. When my 4-30-08 scans came back showing a significant improvement, my doctor asked me if I was taking any alternative health foods. I told him that I took a lot different things; including vitamins, minerals, health foods, Prime One, Noni juice, etc. I didn't mention DCA and I didn't mention that I was already taking all of the above before the Lymphoma!

When my 7/31/08 follow up tests came back, my doctor was very impressed and said "These are the most impressive auto-remission results I have ever seen." I think he suspects I am taking something, but knows I can't tell him. He is a really terrific guy.

I have to admit that I have been totally inconsistent about taking and documenting my DCA treatments. When I first started taking DCA, there was no way to know if the treatments were helping. Many nights I would fall asleep before I took the DCA. Sometimes I missed taking DCA for several days in a row. I skipped the entire month of May because of other personal events. I used up my supply of DCA just before my 07-31-08 scans and skipped the entire month of August. Over this entire time I have only used about 140 grams of DCA. Some of it I mixed with aloe and applied topically to (successfully) remove a few brown skin spots. I have just ordered more DCA and will try to be more diligent about taking DCA prior to my 10-30-08 scans. I will add those results to the DCA site as soon as I get them.

As for my own clinical trial with the DCA, all I can tell anyone at this point is that I am getting great results without taking chemotherapy, radiation, or any other FDA approved treatments. I hope this continues and my next scans show the Lymphoma to be in total remission (hopefully permanently). Periodically drinking some Arizona Brand tea with a little DCA is pretty mild treatment compared to chemo and/or radiation! It also saves a fortune in medical costs, especially if you have no medical insurance.

Should anyone wish to discuss my DCA treatments directly, I would be happy to contact them. .

Thank you again for your help and your DCA site!
Forever gratefully,


P.S. Because of all of the recent articles on the benefits of vitamin D against cancer, I increased my vitamin D to 2,000 mg shortly after starting the DCA. Also, it might be worth noting that the sensitivity scale on the PET scans is higher for each subsequent scan. That is why the outline of the abdominal cavity border is barely visible in the 1st scan, more visible in the 2nd scan, and the only thing visible in the 3rd scan.