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Conviction in DCAadvice.com Scam

Hazim Gaber pleads guilty


Update, 25 August 2010. Hazim Gaber was sentenced to 3 years in prison, fines and restitution. Link link1 link2

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Edmonton resident Hazim Gaber pleaded guilty to selling fake DCA to cancer patients via several websites, including DCAAdvice.com.

We have had to be quiet about this matter since it started in 2007. TheDCAsite.com and a couple of its staunch supporters fought an online battle with Hazim Gaber and forced him offline.

Hazim Gaber was a student at the University of Alberta when he started his DCA cancer scam operation. He is a professional scammer and a thief, and his fraudulent cancer sales shows he is heartless and cruel, with no consideration for others.

Hazim Gaber had previously been sued for selling copyrighted ebooks by Penguin Publishing. He operated an alibi website, offering fake doctors letters to people. And he continued to sell copyrighted materials, including ebooks, on his WatchTVSitcoms.com site.

He became bolder as he expanded his fake DCA operation. One of our site supporters reported that Hazim put up a website pretending to be part of the University of Alberta DCA scientific unit, to solicit DCA research donations. The site included a picture and bio of Dr. Michelakis. We did not get a snapshot of that site, unfortunately, as Hazim pulled it down when the supporter emailed him and said "I know who you are".

Hazim was so brazen in his dishonesty that one of my lawyers said that "this guy could lie through his teeth."

Hazim made a crucial error that allowed one of our supporters to discover his true identity. The information was turned over to Canadian authorities.

The University of Alberta graciously thanked us for our efforts.


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