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News Flash
26 January 2008

Tea Consumption Appears to Increase the Effects of DCA

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The story below tells how all this started. Now, after numerous phone calls it appears that the people who are getting good responses to DCA are those who drink caffeinated tea and maybe coffee. The preliminary survey was highly supportive of this link.
A larger survey is coming.

News Flash: A second report of full success using DCA, black tea and Vitamin B1

And the evidence continues to accumulate. Tea consumption makes the difference in the effectiveness of DCA.

I received an email on January 23, 2008 (see summary of Jeannette's story from Mike C. whose mother appears to be completely cured of her lung cancer due to DCA. Her dose was very small, approximately 10.5 mg/kg. I corresponded with Mike to see what else might have been involved. In one email he said this: "And no other supplements were taken except my mother does not drink alcohol but she does drink probably 10 to 12 cups of tea every day." Further discussion revealed she drank just plain cheap black tea, with nothing added. (interesting side note: she still smokes!)

Black Tea? I called another gentleman who had a great response using DCA against pancreatic cancer. He is doing so well, he was off on a month's vacation A friend of his had answered the phone. I asked her the question, "Does *** drink any tea or coffee?" "Yes" was the answer," he drinks lots of herbal healthy green tea. "

I then emailed a gentleman in Poland whose mother is having an astounding remission from metastatic melanoma. I wrote this and nothing more: "Your mother has had a great response to DCA and the supplements. Can I ask if she drinks much tea or coffee? If so, how much and what kind?" The response was "She drinks about 2 cups of black tea + about 2 cups of fruit tea (not for treatment, just because she likes it). She used to drink much coffee, but she stopped it."

That was three for three. All three of these people who had phenomenally great DCA responses drank tea. And the more tea the better.

So, does tea help DCA work? There is some logic to this. The chemical responsible is likely to be caffeine. Caffeine breaks down into several metabolic by-products, of which 84 % is Paraxanthine. It is not likely EGCG because the best result was from use of black tea.

These are pastes from some Wikipedia: articles:
1. " Paraxanthine, unlike caffeine, acts as an enzymatic effector of Na+/K+ ATPase. As a result, it is responsible for increased transport of potassium ions into skeletal muscle tissue. Similarly, the compound also stimulates increases in calcium ion concentration in muscle.
Paraxanthine is believed to exhibit a lower toxicity than caffeine."
2. Paraxanthine has the effect of increasing lipolysis, leading to elevated glycerol and free fatty acid levels in the blood plasma.

DCA allows the cancer cell to open up its metabolic machinery. Caffeine (as paraxanthine) just might force the cell to use that machinery.

Is tea (?caffeine?) an answer to making DCA more effective? It is very promising. Note the exceedingly low dose that Mike C.'s mother used and the fantastic response. The improbability of finding both heavy tea consumption and great responses to DCA forces us to consider this to be a real connection.

We would encourage all DCA users to seriously consider drinking black or green tea immediately and regularly as part of their treatment regimen. Not decaffeinated tea. I know this report is exceedingly preliminary. The people who come to this site are usually in time-limited situations and do not have the luxury of waiting for clinical trials and scientific papers to be published. Since we are talking about TEA, there simply is just nothing to loose here, and there just might be a very great gain, at least for some.

Will coffee work? Assuming there really is a connection between caffeine and DCA, probably, but we have not yet confirmed coffee and DCA responses. Black and green tea is safe, cheap and obviously easy to get. Drink a lot throughout the day. The half-life of tea varies, but 3-4 hours (a) is often given.

If this connection is solid, we will have a new protocol. Low-Dose DCA and high-dose black or green tea (caffeine?). This would result in a big decrease in side effect concerns and allow long-term DCA use. This would put self-medication with DCA within the ability of the majority of people.

Please help us collect more information. If you are a DCA user, please email me and let me know the nature of your cancer, the response since starting DCA and whether you consume caffeinated drinks (type, quantity and frequency). Thank you. Jim Tassano

Follow up Calls
28 -31 January 2008 and beyond.

From Vince, the sarcoidosis patient who is having such a great response with DCA: "I drink one cup of coffee(nabob) in the morning and I drink green chinese tea - one cup in the afternoon. The rest of the time just water."

I called more people on the 28th and 29th and asked about how well DCA was working and if they drank caffeinated drinks. Every call supported it. The relationship is holding 100 percent so far. I still have not found an exception to this correlation. It is almost as if you must consume caffeinated drinks to get a good response to DCA. I spoke to the relatives of several deceased cancer patients who took DCA and they all reported the deceased had not drank caffeinated tea or coffee.

This could be a statistical fluke, just pure coincidence. Or it could be a real relationship. From what I have seen and heard, I think it would be wise for people taking DCA to drink black or green caffeinated tea throughout the day. There is not much to lose here and so much to gain. The choice is up to you.

31 January 2008. I did find someone who drinks a lot of black coffee and for whom DCA did not work. I will research this more. And another patient who died that did not drink any caffeinated drinks. A big survey is in the works.

10 February 2008. I continue to speak to people and again what I am hearing is that DCA is working almost entirely onlu in those who drink caffeinated drinks and does not work on those who do not. So until we can learn even more, please be sure to follow the caffiene protocol.