DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Black Tea and DCA

This is the part of the email thread that showed that DCA with black tea vanquished a lung cancer.
It is important enough to give it a dedicated page.

Summary of relevant information in this case:taken from emails and phone calls:

Inoperable lung cancer.
No chemotherapy or radiation
Took DCA daily at a dose of 700 mg/day. She weighed 147 pounds. That comes to 10.5 mg/kg
Took vitamin B1, 500 mg a day.
Drinks no alcohol
Drinks 10-12 cups of black tea a day. Plain regular black tea, nothing added.
She does not eat sweets.
Note... she smokes and still does, even now.
DCA side effects of hand tremors reported.
She was declared cancer free.

Email, dated 23 January 2008

To Whom this may concern
My name is Michael *** and the reason I am emailing you is approximately 1 year ago my mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, after getting this news I told her about a program I watched about this drug called DCA and how it was supposed to shrink cancer cells. After a little research she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying this drug. My brother-in-law went on the computer and found a website that was selling this drug as experimental cancer treatment in animals. After buying a 1 year supply she started taking this drug, with a supplement of vitamin {B1},She took the drug faithfully for the last year. On her last x-ray they could no longer see the cancer mass. Doctors were astounded and wondered if the cancer had moved to the bones. No doctors were aware that she had been taking this drug, so they decided to do a bone scan. After the scan she was declared cancer free. I would like people to know this because I believe that the government should be taking a more active role in the testing of this drug, and because of the low cost of this drug, maybe recouping costs by raising the price a little. Many people who have cancer, like my mother, would have nothing to lose by trying it. I understand that the websites selling this drug have been shut down and finding this drug is virtually impossible now. I know this drug saved my mother's life and I believe anyone should have the option to at least try this drug. Thanks for reading.

Hi Jim
When she was diagnosed she was given six months. She had a large mass on her left lung and a smaller mass on her right lung. The doctors told her that there was really no treatment........The exact dose she was taking is 700 milligrams of dca @ 147 lbs with 500 milligrams of vitamin b1, ...............NO chemo was involved in her recovery, but now they want to do a brain scan. She is still taking the drug now even though she has been told she is cancer free as of 2 weeks ago. Now I noticed on a lot of letters where people are taking up to 2 grams of dca once a da. Studies in animals showed more cases of side effects when doses went higher in lab animals. 2 grams would be a 1 day supply for someone weighing approximately 425 lbs.