DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

We have uploaded the data from the DCA-caffeine survey in an Excel format. Control-Find works on this page.

Some people opted for full privacy; their survey results are not included.

Questions were added during the course of the survey, so blanks may reflect that the question was not available to be answered at that time.

For additional reports on DCA, see the Reports and Emails page.

We encourage all cancer patients to participate. The survey form is located here. Feel free to update a previous survey.

I want to thank our associate Susan Julian for her tireless effort in assembling this report.

Updated 24 January 2010

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DCA and Caffeine Survey Results

A First Report

As of April 8, 2008 we have had 124 surveys returned. We are just now starting to analyze them.

This first report is preliminary, but given that many people were wondering about the results, here is a first peak. The process was to select out those who used DCA for one month or longer, pull out the surveys in which the respondent answered "unsure" to the question "In your opinion, did the DCA work for you? ". We pulled out the 4 pet responses and the 2 sarcomas.

124 surveys

Not included in this quick first look were:
34 surveys from people who have used DCA for less than one month,
4 animals,
50 "unsures",
2 sarcomas (we have not seen a sarcoma respond to DCA yet. For the record, both used caffeine and neither responded)

This gave us 35 people with very distinct opinions on whether DCA is working for them or not.

Of the respondents with distinct opinions, 5 say that DCA did not work for them. 30 people said it did.

Of the 29 people who said that DCA did work for them, 4 reported no caffeine consumption and 25 did report caffeine consumption.

Of the 5 people who said DCA did NOT work, one reported they did drink caffeine and four did NOT drink caffeine.

DCA worked (29)
DCA did not work (5)
Drinks caffeine (26)
Does not drink caffeine (8)

It is pretty clear that if you drink caffeine, DCA is much more likely to work for you. Since about 1/2 the population drinks caffeine, the low percentage of surveys from people who do not drink caffeine might indicate a low survival rate for non-caffeine drinkers. Moderation in caffeine consumption appears adequate. Any caffeine source is fine.

We have lots more analysis to do on the data and hope to share some great data and stories very soon. The surveys are fact-filled. More reports and data will be coming. If you have not filled out a survey form, please do so.

Here is the list of cancers from the surveys whose respondents answered that they thought DCA worked for them. These 27 consumed caffeine. Information is direct from surveys. Stage added when available.

  1. Bladder cancer, metted to lungs. stage 4
  2. Cholangiocarcinoma. stage 4
  3. Colon cancer removed surgically, one year later metted to lungs. Stage 4
  4. Colon Cancer, metted to lungs and liver
  5. Colorectal, stage 4
  6. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma
  7. Esophageal cancer, livers mets
  8. Esophageal cancer, metted to liver
  9. HCC (adenocarcinomarenis), stage 4
  10. malignant melanoma,stage 4
  11. malignant melanoma
  12. NSCLC, metted to brain
  13. NSCLC, stage 4
  14. NSCLC, stage 4
  15. NSCLC, metted to lungs, stage 4
  16. NSCLC, metted to lymphatic system. stage 4
  17. odema carcinoma (large cell), stage 4
  18. Ovarian, stage 3 Ovarian stage 3
  19. Peritoneal carcinoma, stage 4
  20. Primary Peritoneal, stage 3
  21. Prostate cancer, stage 3
  22. Prostate cancer, stage 4
  23. Prostate- post radical prostemectomy
  24. Sigma-Colon cancer, removed by surgery, metted to lungs, stage 4
  25. 3 tumors not proven to be cancerous, on roof of mouth and one in each breast

    Below are the 4 positives that did not drink caffeine:
  26. NSCLC, stage 4
  27. CLL, chronic lymphatic leukemia
  28. Uterine and Ovarian cancer
  29. planocellular lung cancer, stage 4

To see more cancers that have been reported to respond to DCA, please go to the Reports and Emails page