DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate


Brain Cancer Patients Must Use Extreme Caution
When Taking DCA

We have heard reports of a couple of people who were on high doses of DCA that started drinking caffeine and had very severe reactions: seizures and death followed. Two University of Alberta brain cancer patients are reported to have died after starting DCA. One of them, we are told, did not drink caffeine, but still experienced TLS.

On March 22, 2008 I got a call from a gentleman with glioblastoma who just started DCA. He took an initial DCA dose equivalent to 4.4 mg/kg and drank about 2/3 of a small cup of coffee. About an hour later he started feeling the effects: headache, nausea, spacey feeling and confusion. He said it came in waves. So even that low of a dose can produce serious results.

If you have brain cancer and take DCA, use extreme caustion! As we mention in the DCA-caffeine protocol pages, the people who had full remissions used very low doses of DCA, 10-12 mg/kg. Other DCA users (those who did NOT have brain cancer) have reported that they were hit very hard when they started drinking caffeine. This action appears to be vastly stronger in brain cancer patients.

Tissue distribution of adenosine receptor mRNAs in the rat  is a study of the distribution of adenosine receptors in the rat. The paper states that these receptors are found throughout the body and that  “the adenosine A1 receptor was widely expressed in the brain."

It could be that one reason the caffeine and DCA mix hits brain cancer patients extra hard is the large number of adenosine receptors in the brain.

So please, if you have brain cancer and use DCA, be careful. It appears that you cannot take high doses (>12 mg/kg) and drink caffeine without risk. Even ultra-low doses of 4 mg/kg can produce serious reactions in glioblastoma patients. The higher the dose of DCA, the higher the risk of seizure and death. The good point is that DCA seems to work extremely well in glioblastoma patients, but tremendous caution must be used.

A blog by a brain cancer patient using DCA and caffeine can be read here.