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The DCA-Caffeine Survey

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(updated 24 January 2010)

A fascinating case of a complete lung cancer remission by a lady using only DCA came to our attention near the end of January 2008. She did not use chemotherapy, radiation or take any supplements and was given 4 months to live. We discovered that she was a prodigious tea drinker, consuming 10-12 cups of straight black tea daily. We did more checking and found that there indeed appears to be a strong relationship between caffeine consumption and the results you get with DCA.

We have formed a hypothesis that needs your help: Does caffeine enable DCA to work more effectively? If we can get more survey results, we will be able to let others know if caffeine, supplements, or other compounds are assisting DCA. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. For more information see: The DCA-Caffeine-B1 Protocol page.

Please help us to help others by filling out this survey of DCA effectiveness and caffeine use. Feel free to elaborate and add information. Privacy is strictly observed and no names will be released. And even if we have spoken already, please fill out the survey. Thanks. Check www.theDCAsite.com for updates.


of person filling out this survey: why

Patient name (first name or code name is fine)

Basic Patient information:


Weight of patient Pounds Kilograms

Cancer Information:

: for example, non-small cell lung cancer, breast, prostate etc.
Add any details you wish.

Sarcoma or carcinoma? why

DCA and Tumor Response:

How many times a day did you take DCA?

In your opinion, did the DCA work for you?

Why or why not?

How do you rate your health compared to when you started DCA?

Record any comments about the response here:

Caffeine Use:

Does or did the patient drink caffeinated drinks with some regularity while taking DCA?

If the Patient drank caffeinated drinks, what types of caffeinated drinks and how much per day?

Caffeinated Coffee / average

Caffeinated Black Tea / average

Caffeinated Green Tea / average number of

Caffeinated Iced Tea / average number of

Caffeinated Soda / average

Energy Drink / average

Do you add milk or cream to your tea or coffee?

Other. Give details please. (Note, e.g. that regular Excedrin has caffeine)

Comments of Caffeine use:(the brands might be helpful)

Dietary-related questions:

Does the patient take any of these supplements? Please note that this listing does NOT indicate we suggest them. This is to see if we can find any correlations, positive or negative..


Soy genistein

Any other supplements taken?

Is the patient on a Low Fat diet?


Please list anything notable about the diet or habits of the patient:

Miscellaneous Things:

Are you taking:

If any, please describe:

Do you take any of these medications? (this is important)

Pantoprazole (Protonix, Somac, Pantoloc, Pantozol, Zurcal)
Rabeprazole (Rabecid, Aciphex, Pariet)

What medications are being used? Please list:

We have noticed that when caffeine is used with DCA sometimes the patient reports sleepiness, weakness in the legs and less stability in standing. Have you any of those symptoms?
Weakness in legs


Please describe any possible side effect issues noted with DCA:

Are you working with a doctor or veterinarian?

If the patient is working with a doctor, does the doctor know you are using DCA?

Is the patient still taking DCA?

If the patient is no longer using DCA, why?

Do we have your permission to post this survey, minus your personal information? We are still debating whether to post the full data or to include only summaries and conclusions. It might help if you let us know your thoughts on this, in the Final Comments box below.

A question completely outside of the original scope of this survey:

If you have breast cancer especially, have you had contact with mice? why

If so, could you give some details, including the nature of the contact, geographical area as specifically as you can, and the species of mouse if you happen to know?

Final Comments?

Based on reports and surveys we encourage any patients taking DCA to review the DCA-Caffeine-B1 protocol.

Read the site for updates on this critical issue.