DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

C's Colo-Rectal Cancer with Mets on Liver
- Cancer appears to be gone -
First report

"We don't get this type of response"
Comment of doctor upon seeing tumor results after chemo.
The patient was taking DCA too.

This is a survey we received 6 March 2009. I spoke with the patient. The patient will give us a more detailed story soon. We will add this survey to the survey page early next week. Note the patient used DCA every other day and drank a lot of caffeine.


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Patient_type: human
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Age: 60-69
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Weight_units: pounds
Cancer_type: colon cancer, stage 4, complete blockage size 2.5 cenimeters Aug 06 liver cancer, stage 4, found in first MRI after colon operation 2 spots on the liver
Stage: Stage_4
sarcoma: carcinoma
cancer_comments: Liver tumor sizes: Oct06 1.5c - 1.7c, Dec06 1.5 - 1.8c, Feb07 .9 - 1.1, Jun07 1.8c - 1.8, Aug07 2.3c - 1.8c, Oct07 operation cut out size 2.7 - 2.1
dca_duration: six_plus_months
DCA_dose: 1/4 tsp every other day. Mix in 16 oz bottle and drink throughout day. When started in 07 took for 1 month and then off 1 month
frequency: Four_plus
DCAwork: Yes
why_or_why_not_does_DCA_work: My CEA marker since the Oct 07 liver operation are down. Oct07 5.5, Jan08 2.0, May08 2.3, Sept08 2.4, Jan09 2.7
tumor_response: unsure
health: much_better
DCA_response_comments: I found DCA in April-May 07. I started to take it but my Dr wanted my tumors to be large enough to feel when he cut them so I quite until the operation. Have taken it ever since and am cancer free.
Caffeine: Yes
cups_of_coffee: zero_cups
cups_of_black_tea: eight_cups_a_day
cups_green_tea: No_cups
cups_of_iced_tea: eight_cups_a_day
ounces_soda: No_soda
cups_of_energy_drinks: No_energy_drinks
Milk_cream_to_coffee_or_tea: no
other_drink: Brew bulk black tea and make ice drink that I drink through day and night
Alpha_lipoic_acid: no
CoQ10: unsure
fish_oil: no
flaxseed_oil: no
pawpaw: no
serrapeptase: no
soy_genistein: no
St_johns_wort: no
Valeria: no
vitamin_B1: yes
vitamin_C: yes
vitamin_D: yes
Vitamin_E: yes
magnesium_: yes
supplements: Take 2000 mg of MSM. A good multiple supplement
Low_Fat_diet: no
Chocolate: eats_a_small_amount_of_chocolate
alcohol_consumption: no_alcohol
sweets: rarely_eats_sweets
meat_consumption: eats_moderate_amounts_of_meat
diet_comments: Mix a ground flax seed and stablized rice bran drink in the morning. Am overweight and need to take off 50 lbs this year.
Chemotherapy: yes
Radiation: unsure
Surgery: yes
chemo_comments: I took 1 dose of Cemo and then found DCA and started it. Dr wanted liver tumors to be big enough to feel well before he operated on liver.
Nexium: no
Prevacid: no
Prilosec: no
pantoprazole: no
Rabeprazole: no
Morphine: no
medications: None
Sleepiness: no
Weakness_in_legs: no
stability: no
side_effects: Need a little more sleep as I have got older. Don't think it is DCA
working_with_a_doctor: yes
Does_doctor_know: Yes_supportive
still_using_DCA: yes
Permission: yes
mice: unsure
general_comments: Am happy with DCA.
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