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Not DCA, but well worth knowing about

Tetrathiomolybdate, or TM, is an incredibly effective copper chelating material. We first learned of it when searching for a treatment for close family friend. Paul was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) and given about 9 months to live. Doctors said they could do little to help him.

We focused on stopping vascularization of the tumor, known as antiangiogenesis. Green tea extract is an example. Paul started all these things but nothing worked and the tumor kept growing. We then discovered the work done by Doctor George Brewer of the University of Michigan. Dr. Brewer found that tetrathiomolydate, a compound that binds up copper easily with essentially no side effects, worked remarkably well in stopping vascularization of tumors.



Previous to starting TM, we suggested that Paul get his serum zinc and copper levels determined. Normally these levels are about equal. But many studies have shown that in aggressive tumors the ratio of copper to zinc is 5 to 1. And that was what Paul’s ratio was! By taking zinc supplements and TM, he changed his copper to zinc ratio to 1 to 5. The tumor stopped growing, and has not grown since. Paul lives a normal life, taking his zinc and TM, with no side effects. He is living with cancer and has now for nearly three years.

TM must be made by a 'compounding pharmacist'. TM is also not patentable, so no large company is pursuing it. I highly recommend you research TM.

http://george-eby-research.com/html/anti_ang.html is an excellent article on the topic.

Published in August, 2008: A Phase II Trial of Tetrathiomolybdate After Surgery for Malignant Mesothelioma: Final Results. (additional link) showed that mesothelioma responded well to TM.

A recent report shows that TM does not work against hormone-refractory prostate cancer.

Zinc supplementation lowers magnesium and potassium levels. I have a quick summary of this information on this (click here) web page.

Additional information about TM

Paul takes four 20 mg tablets of TM daily, 2 in the morning and two at night, for a total of 80 mg/day.
He takes 200 mg of zinc daily.


Email, 22 February 2009

Jim: I have ordered the TM and will be starting my friend on it soon. [friend has mesothelioma]. He went to his doctor and intimidated her to order the tests for the CU and Zn.

When the tests came back, Zn was 60 and the Cu was 160, the doctor told my friend she could not give him anymore chemo until his zinc was up.

My friend asked, "If the zinc is so important, how come you have not tested for it before now?"

--end of email ---
I strongly encourage you to demand a serum copper and zinc test to be taken. Normal is 1:1.