DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

An alternatives-based, fantastic NSCLC Response (without DCA)

The full protocol is included here

(emailed 16 July 2009)

My wife, Jane, about 60 years old at diagnosis Stage 3b NSCLC October 2007 inoperable. Bronchoscopic biopsy, adenocarcinoma. Performance category 0, 155cm. tall, 52kgs. non smoker, no alcohol, completely "healthy", presented with cough and mild dyspnoea on effort, had chest X-ray on my insistence.

Immediately commenced (by oncologist, and completed) 8 doses of Triple therapy: Avastin/Gemcitabine/Cisplatin which I supported with multiple supplements and other therapies that I felt were appropriate and based on intense research that I started on diagnosis. Blood work remained almost normal throughout this triple therapy, though Jane's suffering (no weight loss) became increasingly distressing as the chemotherapy progressed.

PET Scan on completion of triple therapy demonstrated remarkable result with almost complete resolution of her NSCLC and the oncologist suggested that we stop treatment and wait for progression. My feeling was that this would be incorrect and consequently Jane was re-started on chemotherapy and then had 8 doses of Gemcitabine as mono therapy.

Despite this Jane's NSCLC (as expected see Ralph Moss what happens after Avastin usage) recurred with a vengeance and PET Scan August 2008 demonstrated extensive now bilateral pulmonary recurrence, mediastinal lymphadenopathy, and lymphangitis carcinomatosis which has a terrible prognosis. Plus lots of other radiological features compatible with partial collapse of the right upper lobe.

Treatment of the lymphangitis was a priority.

I continued with daily research and found articles describing the use of methyl jasmonate for malignancies/NSCLC; imported this and administered it to Jane with absolutely no response whatsoever.

I subsequently came across several articles indicating the successful use of aerosolised 5FU for the treatment of Lymphangitis carcinomatosis and after doing this was able to get rid of Jane's lymphangitis (demonstrated on CT Scan, before and after) but also had as a complication the almost complete loss of Jane's voice for two months. In retrospect if this treatment is used there should always be a washout with aerosolised saline immediately after every dose of 5 F.U. is completed

Throughout the course of this treatment Jane continued to eat and drink what I believed was (based on my research) an ideal and healthy diet (meat, cheese, fish, eggs, fruit and veg.) and I also gave her IVI megadose Vitamin C and all the supplements that are routinely administered with the IVI Vit C regimes. This included Vitamin K3, Selenium, D3, and a liposomal nano version of oral vitamin C. plus lots of other supposed relevant and critical supplements. Blood levels of Vitamin C were confirmed to reach, and remain at the targeted range that is supposed to kill malignant cells.

All to no avail, for although the lymphangitis cleared (CT Scan) the pulmonary disease increasingly disseminated bilaterally and progressed with further mediastinal nodes, obstruction of the right upper lobe bronchus, partial lung collapse, pleural thickening, nodular pleural tumor deposits, right sided effusion, and hepatic secondaries. Stage 4 NSCLC October 2008.

I had for some time been communicating with a professor in *** and towards the end of November 2008 we had IRE (Irreversible electroporation) performed to a lesion in the right lung/mediastinum. During the procedure the equipment stopped working and so after the ablation of a single lesion we returned home. (a week later). This procedure may have had a major impact on the disease as it exposed the tumor DNA to the immune system. The undamaged malignant cellular content leaks out of the multiple microscopic punctures made in the tumor cell membrane by IRE and can now be "picked-up/identified" by the immune system. This is unlike RFA (radio frequency ablation) that cooks the tumor DNA as well as everything in the treatment zone and does not, even theoretically, produce any immune response.

In December Jane was started on Tarceva and by now I was also convinced (by my continued reading) that everyone who has ever reported a real response to treatment with an advanced malignancy and survived was either on a vegan diet, or had changed their diets dramatically in that direction. Furthermore that if the diet is correct any and all single substance supplements ( with a few noted exceptions) are not only incorrect but entirely unnecessary (scientific reductionism)

Since December 2008 when the last CT scan demonstrated Stage 4 NSCLC Jane's regime has been:

* STRICT VEGAN DIET This I believe is absolutely CRITICAL
* NB....STOP ALL DAIRY see http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html
* Also read works by the following authors: T. Colin Campbell "The China Study, Dr John Mcdougall, Caldwell and Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr Ruth Heydrich, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr William Harris, RAVE DIET by Mike Anderson, Gerson, etc. etc.)
* Read up and subscribe to Ralph Moss
* Contact Moshe Rogosnitsky
* Read about Low Dose Naltrexone (Contact Prof. Ian Zaygon)
* Melatonin and effect on cancer (read up)
* Bob Beck Pulser, used for at least 1 hour a day over lungs, mediastinum, liver and brain.(read up)

Jane also continues to take following supplements:

* Paw Paw Cell Reg very important 4 x a day (read up)
* Artemisinin 360mg am and 180mg at night on for two weeks stop for one and restart
* Agaricus blazei 2 capsules x 3 per day
* Shitake/Mitake/Reshi blend 2 capsules x 3 a day
* R-ALA 2 capsules x 3 a day
* Vitamin D3 2000IU x 2 a day
* Pancreatic enzyme supplement 2 tablets x 3 a day (read about Trophoblast theory of cancer, Kelley, Gonzalez, etc)
* Flax oil capsules (omega 3) x 2 a day (better to have ground flax seed but this is consumer resistance)

At night before retiring:

* Melatonin 10 to 20mg
* LDN 4.5mg

July 2009 most recent CT scan demonstrated complete resolution of all signs of tumor from lungs, mediastinum, and liver save for a small lesion in the right upper lobe 10mm. x 5mm. questioned as possible fibrosis.

Jane continues with the Tarceva as well as the daily supplements listed. It is not impossible that Jane's response is due solely to the Tarceva, but it equally impossible to determine how much a contribution diet and supplements have made.

Paw paw has been stopped as it drains and exhausts her, something that did not happen when we started it and there was a lot of tumor around.

It is obviously too early to say anything other than be overjoyed at the response and pray that it is maintained.