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Alkylglycerols are found in high quantities in shark liver oil. Here are some articles discussing the value of alkylglycerols. This might be something to use if a cancer can be brought into a stable condition. The idea is to help the immune system destroy any left-over metastatic cells.


"Inflamed normal tissues release membranous lipid metabolites, lyso-phosphatidylcholine (lyso-Pc) and other lysophospholipids, that efficiently activate macrophages. Inflamed cancerous tissues release lipid metabolites, lysoalkylphospholipids and alkylglycerols, because cancerous tissues contain alkylphospholipids. Both lysoalkylphospholipids and alkylglycerols are at least 400 times more potent macrophage activating agents than lysophospholipids in terms of the minimal dosages required for optimal macrophage activation. These observations suggest that highly activated macrophages are tumoricidal and also explain why inflammation in cancerous tissues cures the disease. In fact, highly activated macrophages have a potential to kill and eradicate cancer cells." from "Immunotherapy of metastatic breast cancer patients with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF)" N. Yamamoto, et. al, 2008.

Activation of Mouse Macrophages by Alkylglycerols, Inflammation Products of Cancerous Tissues (a Yamamoto paper)
"Alkylglycerols, inflammation products of lipids in cancerous tissues, are potent macrophage stimulating agents."


Some Biological Actions of Alkylglycerols from Shark Liver Oil http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/acm.1998.4.1-87
“Shark liver is a major natural source of alkylglycerols, which have no known side effects in dosages of 100 mg three times a day. The information presented in this article suggests that alkylglycerols may be used both as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of neoplastic disorders and as an immune booster in infectious diseases.”


Natural Alkylglycerols Restrain Growth and Metastasis of Grafted Tumors in Mice
"We demonstrated that either pure alkylglycerols or SLO reduced the tumor growth in a similar manner, suggesting that alkylglycerols were involved in this effect. In alkylglycerol-treated mice, metastasis dissemination was reduced by 64 ± 8%, whereas SLO effect was 30 ± 9% below control. Purified alkylglycerols also decreased significantly plasmalogen content in tumors, whereas SLO had no such effect. Finally, we demonstrated that a 5-day treatment with alkylglycerols curtailed the presence in tumors of von Willebrand factor, a marker of endothelial cells. This result suggested an anti-angiogenic effect of alkylglycerols. In summary, alkylglycerols were shown to decrease the growth, vascularization, and dissemination of Lewis lung carcinoma tumors in mice."


Reduced mortality in cancer patients after administration of alkoxyglycerols.
A regression of tumor growth is observed when alkoxyglycerols are administered prior to radiation treatment of patients suffering from cancer of the uterine cervix. This regression is remarkably higher for patients below the age of 60 years than for those over 60. The regression has been demonstrated by a change in the quotient between the incidence of early and advanced stages."


Cytostatic and cytotoxic effects of alkylglycerols
“The alkylglycerols and their methoxyderivates present in Ecomer shark liver oil showed a clear apoptotic/necrotic effect on human prostate and mammary carcinoma cell lines.”


Alkylglycerols and Cancer. A nice review article.

Anti-Cancer Benefits of Shark Liver Oil from Life Extension Magazine has some useful suggestions.