Words for Moms Funeral

Posted By admin on April 12, 2011

My name is Mitch Hiles. I’m Sandra’s oldest son. Today I want to tell you a bit about my Mom, and the kind of person she is, but before I do I see a bit of a problem here today. As I look out at all the people sitting in this sanctuary, I see that not nearly enough of you are smiling. My mother is a remarkable woman, but as we gather here today, lets not lament her death. Lets celebrate the life that she lived.

It’s a monumental shame that there are only a handful of people in the world that can say that they know my Mom as well as I do. She is the kind of person that can battle cancer for half a decade, and do it without once complaining. While doing that, she’d still appreciate the tiny little things in life, like when I’d put the dishes away without her asking. She is the kind of person that when told she would die in two years, lived for five. And she is the kind of person that, even on her death-bed, would still give glory to God.

The first night I visited my Mom in the Cross Cancer Institute, I asked for a moment alone with her. There were two things I had to say to her. I kneeled down beside her bed, held her hand, and said, “Mom, I love you. And you’ve raised a fine family. We’re all going to be ok.” What she did next might sound a little strange at first. She shook her head at me. She shook her head, and pointed up. She couldn’t speak much at the time, but the one word she managed to breathe out was, “God.” God helped her raise a fine family.

God is still looking after her and her family, and I believe He is still working through her. I have no doubt that the endless hours my Mother spent researching cancer has and will help hundreds or even thousands of people. It’s because of my Moms upstanding example of true Christianity that a close friend of hers was recently saved and baptized. There’s going to be another soul in heaven because of Gods work through my Mom.

You probably noticed that I didn’t refer to my mom in the past tense. This is because I still have a mom. She’s just in heaven. My dad said recently that she didn’t go from life to death. She went from life to life. I could probably say that right now, because she’s up in heaven, in the direct presence of Jesus Christ, She’s more alive than any of us in this room.

In closing, I’ll remind us once more. Lets not lament my mothers death today. Lets celebrate, and praise God, for the life she lived.

— Mitch Hiles


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