A Letter for Sandra Hiles Memorial Service

Posted By admin on April 12, 2011

Dear Friends,

More than two years ago, on 04/21/08 I received the following E-mail:
“Good Afternoon Dr. Rapaport,

We received this inquiry today from a woman named Sandra Hiles who is interested in discussing the connection between ATP, DCA and cancer treatment. She requested your email address so that she could contact you directly. We did not give this information to her but decided to pass her request along to you so that you may contact her if you so choose. Please let us know if you’d like us to respond to her or if you’d like us to get any additional information from her. Thanks and have a great day!

This note was the beginning of my communications with Sandra Hiles, an unusually talented individual, who was suffering from breast cancer. Sandra was a bright and capable individual of outstanding intellectual abilities, who at the end exposed governments’ and societies’ failure in dealing with most cancers as well as other adverse diseases. We exchanged dozens and dozens of communications related to the treatments of cancer along with a few personal notes. Sandra used to send me photographs of her trips accompanied by personal comments.

What I found exceptional about Sandra was her brilliant intellect, her desire and ability to acquire knowledge in the Biomedical-Cancer field without having a medical or biological background. At a time of suffering from a terminal disease, she possessed infectious enthusiasm for knowledge, an ability to successfully find the relevant original literature and the skill of conveying it to others. Sandra’s communications were not dry, factual and overly broad. She possessed a gift of always being interesting. Sandra often exhibited unusual warmth and lovely human qualities.

Unfortunately, Sandra’s intellectual prowess did not affect the outcome. Maybe the Sandra Hileses of the world should take-up medicine in greater numbers and at a younger age in order to unravel meaningful discoveries, which modern medicine does not seem to produce. The course of Sandra’s disease was discouraging. More than a year ago we both knew that the only hope was in spontaneous remission or complete permanent disappearance of the tumor brought about by thyroid hormone deficiency or hypothyroidism. This type of condition leads to severe slowdown of bodily metabolism resulting in total tumor cell death. Sandra tried cleverly to manipulate thyroid metabolism but to no avail.

Sandra, you were the brightest star and your memory, which overtakes me with melancholy, nevertheless highlights the human spirit. I will never forget your enthusiasm in tackling adverse odds. I love you.

Eliezer Rapaport


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