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Subject: "My mum's Bile Duct Cancer metastasized Liver Cancer - M"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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"My mum's Bile Duct Cancer metastasized Liver Cancer - M"
   AFTER 3 WEEKS OF DCA FOLLOW BY 1 WEEK OFF, please comment if there is an improvement in her condition as i am not medically trained.

My mum's MRI liver reads :
Multiple Hepatic lesions as before, appearing hypo intense on T1W and hyper intense on T2W images. These have slightly increased in size since the previous scan. On the current scan, the largest lesion measures about 48mm in maximal axial dimension. The lesions show variable heterogenous enhancement on post contrast images with few non enhancing areas suggestive of NECROSIS.

Stable mild dilatation of the intra hepatic biliary radicals, common hepatic and common bile duct up to the ampulla. There is attenuation of the common bile duct at the ampulla. However, no discrete mass lesion/abnormal enhancement is see in that region. Small 8mm node is noted in the pancreatico duodenal groove.

Before that, her MRI liver reads :

There are multiple irregular multiobulated hepatic masses of varying size scattered throughout the liver. The larger lesions demonstrate heterogeneous irregular peripheral nodular rim enhancement, while the smaller lesions demostrate more solid heterogeneous enhancement. The largest lesion measures approximately 4cm in size.

....The common hepatic and common bile duct measures up to 2cm in diameter. There is tapering of the common bile duct at the region of the ampulla of Vater. A lesion at the ampulla of Vater or biliary stricture cannot be excluded.

There is an ill-degined irregular lesion at the tail of the pancreas measuring 2.5x1.7cm....


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