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Apr-11-10, 07:27 AM (PST)
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"Breast Cancer metastasised to Lymph"
   I was diagonosed with Breast cancer in March 2009, I refused conventional medicine and develloped my own healthy lifestyle to combat the cancer. I tried many alternative protocols including Budwig, Rife, Gerson. I had several colonics and enemas most days. I did a lot of research into many things both conventional and alternative and gradually I put together my own daily routine. Daily Qigong practice, a mainly vegan organic diet and drinking 3-4ltrs of supergreens and other vits and supplements a day plus a Budwig cream meal and various vitamins. A positive mental attitude helped with NLP and EFT. Through out the past year I have remained fit and looked realy healthy but the tumours continued to grow regardless of what I did. In march this year I recognised that an operation was needed as the tumours were so large and stopping me doing most things. I had started Vit C by iv treatment and having found information on DCA I started taking DCA I felt pretty ill and was concerned that the tumours might be breaking down and could be putting my life at risk. The tumours were so large by this time. I had a Matectomy and lymph nodes removed 19th March and am now recovering well from the operation. The margins were clear by microscopy after the op. I am feeling strong and looking well again. My blood tests are good p.o. Tumourmarker CEA 0.5(norm:<4.6ng/ml), CA15-3 11.4 U/ml (Norm <25U/ml) I am trying to organise some scans to check my body. I have started taking DCA and am feeling fine with no side affects. I will take it for 5 days then rest for 2 days and I take Vit B1 as well as several other vits and supplements. My thoughts for taking the DCA now are just in case there are other mets that I do not know of then the DCA will resolve them. I actually feel that the cancer was localised to my breast and lymph nodes and has been removed in the operation, but I think the scans will be a good way of confirming this. I intend to have a regular blood test and continue my healthy lifestyle programme. Just a few questions if anyone can answer them. What scans are best to have now? How long is it good to take the DCA for? What blood tests would help me monitor my progress? As I have refussed conventional medicine it is easier to know what I need to ask for and then find a Doctor to help me achieve this. Thanks for reading and Good Luck to all Warmest Regards HellyLou

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Apr-12-10, 11:20 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Breast Cancer metastasised to Lymph"
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Not sure there are easy answers to your questions... Breast cancer can be tricky, in that some have no markers to follow - mine is also like that. All my markers have always been within normal range. I'd suggest you read this article on a CTC test. It seems to be a useful early warning detection method.

Best of luck to you,

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