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Feb-25-10, 03:32 PM (PST)
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"DCA does it again"
Lien was looking really bad after her last Chemo that took our her blood counts, potasium etc. It was very bad and then she got thrash throat. She ended up in the hospital for blood transfusions, potasium drips and some TPN (diabetic.

She has not had chemo for 4 weeks but I did give her heavy doses of DCA before she went into the hospital and she had lower doses after she went in.


She was scanned 4 days ago and it was compared to the scan in November. Its showing half the cancer has cleared up and she wieghed in this morning at 87 pounds. She was as low as 67 pounds last month. I was worried that I gave her to much DCA at a time 40mg -per kg for 4 doses. She did get pretty wiped out but 87 pounds over the past month is very good.

I am convinced that taking pure lemon water with stevia daily along with a near vegan diet and DCA at higher doses when your cancer is starting to run away really takes care of business.

People - have I told all of you that I truely love you and cherish your hearts and minds very much. Life is worth the fight when you have such magnificent humans to exchange with. Your all amazing people that Lien and I feel so blessed to have fought beside.

We are warriors with a message that others have to hear - they have to know these protocols can save their lives.

We are The Cancer Tribe that will change - are changing how cancer is approached.

Rock On Babaji

God Bless Us All


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