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Nov-19-09, 09:32 PM (PST)
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Hi everyone. I started today with the DCA. Up until now I have been using black strap molasses and bicarbonate sodium (pharmecutical grade) to keep my PH level at around 8.00. I dont really know how good this will prove to be for my breast cancer so I decided to include dca. I have been wondering what has happened to Oracle's wife I was unable to bring up the post. Can anyone help with his latest info on his wife? I find this site very encouraging.
keep posting - thanks.

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Nov-20-09, 02:17 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: dca"
In response to message #0
Which post were you unable to bring up? Sometimes they get moved if they are in the wrong section but I have not moved any lately from him. He did post a few in the last week. Maybe do a search for his name, Oracle?

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Nov-29-09, 01:53 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: dca - Feel Bad for not posting - Swine Flu - not go"
In response to message #0
Its been a while since last post. Lien was doing really great and we even gave a Halloween party having a few friends over.

Two days after I started to feel cold at work and called Lien. She said she was cold and she was coughing. I wasted no time worried about swine flu because at work we have turkeys coming in with it! Our company begged and instructed us but there is always an ass in the crowd.

I dialed 911 and the ambulance met me at the house and for the next 5 days Lien was quarantined wit confirmed swine flu.
Shs has been coughing bad after the flu and we have to give her this sugary medicine that I hate but it stops her cough for a while.

She is flat on her back and is now complaining about pain in her left side around her lower rib in the muscle area. The doctors think its a pulled or strained muscle from all the hacking.

Tomorrow at 1:50 we go in for a scan on my request because I want to make sure nothing is going on other than the usual 3 centimeter spot.

She has been off our protocol for about 4 weeks now so I am a bit nervous but still confident we can get it under control with our protocols. She has not had pain in three years and we are not going to start now

Its all about knowing what will work and it takes a lot of the fear away. Its not if it works its will she do it! I love her and believe in her so we will find a way to get her back on track in spite of the syrup.

If you don't mind I want to say - Listen closely to your body and it will help you beat this thing. Read about the cancer cell from Mr Warburg. Read about Dr. Budwig and start it up - use the blender and drink it up = works great for your health.

We use the dca and never stop it even if she gets neuropathy. We just adjust the dosage or skip a day and keep moving on. Never stop reading and never listen to those death creeps - they are like those - the work is coming to an end - holy rollers - out of their dam minds. We are there and the next few years will bring us miracles. Heal thyself and if you can find a good prof of immunology with a career in Oncology. This is the best way to defeat this decease - do it all and keep it simple. We keep it very simple so we can tell exactly what is working and what is not.

I am no doctor but please Treat yourself like royalty - get massages, acupuncture from someone who adjusts based on the cancer. Listen to some peaceful sounds like birds and waterfalls at night. Take Vitamin D - get your blood checked to make sure your not to high but we take 24,000 IU's every day.

It is high doses but if her body does not get high readings we rocknroll within reason of course. We made it by pushing the limits and would not be here without that approach You seem to be doing some geat things right now so keep that up and also try the Goji Juice - a fellow posted remission a few months back. Check out his post.

God Bless Us All


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