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Sep-01-09, 06:43 AM (PST)
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"Glioblastoma grade IV in remission - DCA+TM"
First polish remission?

Folks i'm happy to inform you about something what seems to be first polish glioblastoma remission, and first remission due to use of DCA therapy (plus TM) At Friday (28.09.2009) at polish GBM forum a user named 'krejziman' had posted info about his GBM remission. This is second great response of glioma with use of DCA therapy. First one was the sister from GBM forum user olsen35, I reported about on thedcasite, but it seems that due to accidental data base deletion, my post has been lost, so here's that story (year 2008):

olsen35 she is, but to be more straight – she’s sister is having marvelous results. Just after 8 days of following new protocol the result just started to pop up. Sister which was unable to walk, - she was laying all day, unable to speak, all day asleep - remarkably with some help was able to stand up and walk. After few weeks things was getting better and better. She now can walk. But let's start from beginning.

She’s sister was diagnosed with stage II brain tumor – according to test made on June 2007, but since then the tumor had grown. The tumor was located mostly over left side of brain. Before biopsy in June there was some radiation given . She had received standard 5 day cycle chemo treatment – Temodal in dosage of 350mg in combination with radiotherapy. She doesn’t wanted to wait for results of chemo treatment. So she started giving NaDCA along with chemo treatment. (End of January 2008) The results was so amazing, that folks of her who had come by to see how olsen35 sister was downing was astound. Even the oncologist of olsen35 sister didn’t believed that she will be alive after the end of that 5 day cycle of chemo. I think just like the Medicor Cancer Centres was informing back in August and September 2007 - that NaDCA had increased effeteness of that standard chemo treatment. Next from 20 of February another chemo cycle had started. Around of 19 of February the condition of sister was so good that she had decided to went back to her home. Just imagine - 20 days earlier she looked like she was passing away. The pH levels are stable, around 8.0 all the time. She is 100% conscious, little trouble with remembering things. But nothing big. She is receiving 10 tabs of 25mg B1 vitamine. The dosage of NaDCA is 10mg/kg. All the time was the same. The supplementation & drugs: Encorton 2 x 5 mg, Depakine 2 x 500 mg, Glicerol 3 x 3 spoons. Omega 3 tabs. While on Temodal cycle along with Encorton she’s receiving 2x3 dexamethason tabs. Later the Glicerol was changed with Mannitol 2 x 100mg. The third cycle of Temodal is underway.
Olesen35 sister, has had major side effects. Finger numbness, but when she took some additional B1 if needed (around of 5 or 6 25mg each) the numbness disappeared. She was using some diet (Dr.budwig, alkaline food, no sugar, ketogenic diet)

Unfortunately she has had a recurrence of tumor in May 2008 and in July 2008 she has had a surgery. She passed away couple of days (maybe weeks later - nor sure right now)

And here's present GBM story:

Here's translation:

Link to the original post (you have to be signed in to be able to see the posts)

February 2009 - in spite of chemotherapy and radiotherapy I had recurrence of my glioblastoma.
Then my cousin started to do research over the internet in search of salvation and came across information about the DCA. With nothing to lose, I ordered medicine from Canada and started to use it. Resonance imaging performed at the end of May showed no recurrence, and another resonance in mid-July shows a complete remission of the tumor !!!!!
So do not lose faith, you really have to look and try, even if our doctors spread his hands helplessly. Use DCA without thinking, it really works! Well at least worked in my case. I'm so happy! ))
My wife was crying with joy when she looked at the results of resonance, the doctors look at me like I was walking miracle, and I know that I owe it all to a simple chemical compound, which is too inexpensive to manufacture so that it can be patented as a drug by any pharmaceutical company.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all those who will not succumb to the disease.

If anyone needs any information please write to the email.

Yours warmly,
happy krejzimen "

and second post:

original link:


I started NaDCA 7 of April 2009, at dose 2x1000mg/day (20mg/kg). Plus supplements alfa lipoic acid 3 x 150mg/day and B1 vitamin (benfothiamine) 3x50mg/day. Initially all drugs come from Medicor Cancer Center clinic in Canada, but later I ordered them in Poland. All supplement are available at online drug stores, and the DCA from local polish chemical compound store.

My NaDCA therapy regime was as follows: NaDCA + supplements for 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off. As to the side effects - my body fairly well tolerated NaDCA, so beside overall weakness of the body I didn't have any major side effects.

In addition, all the time I take dietary supplements green tea capsules, omega-3 acid and the shark oil. Additionally since 2 months I started taking drug named TM from Medicor."

As probably most of you know TM is an Angiogenesis inhibitor. Some time ago back in 2008 - Clooney user of GBM forum and prosalute forum a medicine PhD (oncology) at university in Bochum, Germany after looking at DCA supplementary data ( ( btw. there's an error in the link to that data at this section on thedcasite] ) ) - gene expression, suggested to take some Angiogenesis inhibitors because he thought that DCA may as well enhance the angiogenesis process. He suggested to take Resveratrol along with DCA to prevent that. He wrote:

"Crono5 the article stated that DCA reduces the expression of Bcl-2 gene, whose product (protein Bcl-2) is an inhibitor of mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis. So, indirectly, DCA activates the mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis. But what worries me is that DCA also decreases the gene expression Caspase - 6 (you can tell the contractor- of mitochondrial dependent apoptosis - the last element in the pathway of apoptosis), and even more strongly than the reduced expression of Bcl-2. So in real apoptosis pathway is activated but the contractor is deactivated. Despite that it causes apoptosis or apoptosis could simply looped but in a lesser extent. Secondly what I do not like is the activation of VEGF and it is quite strong activation of expression. So activation of angiogenesis. If the any one wants to take this substance then Take it with some of angiogenesis inhibitor because it can be different. Angiogenesis is the process of tumor vascularization (the tumor).

From what I found so far resveratrol is likely to be an inhibitor of VEGF (angiogenesis inhibitor). But then you must take the DCA + resveratrol ( without capsaicin). A genetic effect of the 3 substance is even harder to predict. (...)"

So maybe DCA + TM is the answer to the activation of VEGF if Clooney was right of course in his understanding of this supplementary data.

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1. "RE: Glioblastoma grade IV in remission - DCA+TM"
In response to message #0
I have reviewed some remarks of you ,I guess you are a doctorWish you can help me.
My father has GBM.I am interested in "DCA+Ribavirin" and "DCA+TM".We live in CHINA and it's impossible to make an appointment with Medicor.
Two quesionso you know something about the dose?TM is beyond my reach ,do you know how can get some ?
Thanks a lot.

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Sep-10-09, 03:04 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: Glioblastoma grade IV in remission - DCA+TM"
In response to message #1
Unfortunately i'm not a doctor, i'm just an admin of polish glioblastoma forum. Thus i trying to help polish folks strangling with this horrible disease to manage whole DCA therapy and to point out to them the most effective ways and issues that could be helpful to them in there fight. Since when i was trying to save my Dad (GBM), there was no such place here in poland to get any info about DCA or any other alternative therapies. Mostly all that was available was a crappy info about scam so cold cancer cures mostly to make money. Thus i take me 6 months to open my eyes and realize that theres allot of other things that can by very helpful (crucumin for example - no info in polish about that how bad it is for glioblastma). And no one of them coudl be found over polish sites, just some info second hand info no dosages no details just maybe this maybe that.

as to the TM you can try get some from Compounding Pharmacists more info here:

As to the Medicor Clinic - they offer a remote consultations, you must translate all medical data in to English and send it to them, there's no need to go there, after reviewing yours Dad case they offer best posible treatments (right now they often prescribe DCA+ TM). After that you will get an prescription for TM and you can buy it from them. They will ship it to you.

As to the Ribavirin i must say i didn't look into it yet, so don't now much about at the present.

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