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Mar-17-09, 04:26 PM (PST)
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   Hi everyone

My brother is in Pakistan. He is 26 years old was previously misdiagnosed as an embryonal rhabdomysarcoma in February 2009. I got the biopsy re-tested in UK from a sarcoma specialist in March 2009 and found out that in fact it was a "desmoplastic small round cell tumor", a well recognized subtype of sarcoma that classically presents with abdominal disease. It is at stage 4 Metastasis

My brother got his 1st chemo of MAID regimen for misdiagnosed cancer of embryonal rhabdomysarcoma. His 2nd chemo is due on 20th of march using doxorubicin 75mg/m2 and ifosfamide 9 g/m2 regimen for his correct cancer "desmoplastic small round cell tumor”

Diet Plan
The doctors didn’t specially mention anything regarding diet for cancer. He is taking a Balanced diet to put his body into an ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT. I have got information from the internet for diet for cancer patients and ALKALINE diet and avoiding Acidic foods.

Diet using:

Balancing Acid/Alkaline Foods

Extra Supplements:
• Bitter Melon (Karela)
Using small amount of bitter melon in diet with a day gap. It has anti-cancer effect on numerous cell lines cancers including liver cancer, human leukemia, melanoma and solid sarcomas.

• Cod Liver Fish Oil (Omega 3, with Multiple Vitamins)

• Green Tea

Herbal supplements
Herbal supplements is being taken to strengthen my brother immune system to handle the chemo and its side effects.

• Also we are giving him TIENS herbal products (these products are FDA approved). These following herbals have anti-cancer effects of various types of tumours including sarcomas

1- Agaricus Blazei Murill +1 Essence capsules


Product Using

2- Spirulina Capsules

3- Ganoderma lucidum +2 Essence Capsules



Product Using

4 - Antioxidant Capsules (

NOTE: we gave Antioxidant for first 2 weeks but have STOPPED it as we I have read on the internet CONFLICTING recommendations by doctors for giving Antioxidant as a supplement to patients during chemo. Some are saying it lessens the effects of chemo while other are saying the apposite that it will help chemo effectiveness. So wasn’t sure so we stopped giving him Antioxidant

1. now i would like to add DCA to the therapy. Does anyone used DCA with sarcoma related cancer. ?
2. have any used any herbal products with DCA with chemotherapy?
3. is DCA a thing for my brother having “desmoplastic small round cell tumor” ?

feedback would be grateful to find out if HERBAL PRODUCTS WITH DCA going to effect the therapy in any way?

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