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    My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung cancer in early October.  I was introduced to the possibilities of DCA through a friend.  My mom lives in Malta Europe and is under socialized medicine.  Doctors work at their pace doing the best they can with the limited resources.   We had nothing to lose and I purchased a full supply of DCA. She began Chemo October 27 and is taking chemo every three weeks along with taking her cocktail mix of DCA  every morning along with taking 750 Mg of B1 and cups of pure black tea.

    This is how it has gone so far. 

    First cocktail of DCA started November 23.  No side effects or tummy problems

    Still experiencing pains in her liver very uncomfortable and cannot sleep comfortably.

    10 days into taking the cocktail.  Mom reports that the pain is almost all gone in her liver and her energy level is back.  Her moods are better and she has regained her bladder control.   Her stomach is fine and is no longer swollen or bloated as she was before.  Her doctors are unaware of this cocktail as she feels they would not approve so we are monitoring her progress in her journaling.

    We will continue the cocktails as it has….improved her quality of life significantly.  Her ability to do things around the house also has increased and she no longer is coughing out of breath.  She will be going in for a ct scan and other tests on January 7, 2012 and we will see.  Again I believe in DCA's ability to curb and even cure cancers.  My friends father was diagnosed with Brain cancer 6.5 years ago and is completely cured today with DCA without chemo therapy. 

    yours truly,

    Suzanne from Tampa




    Thank you for your informaton. I already bought some and will give my dad a try. His cancer is already spread to liver, bone and adrenal gland. I hope this is our last chance. May god bless your mom to free from the cancer!




    Dear Susanne,

    Thank you for the report you wrote regarding your mother. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma) in March 2011. I had a kidney removed but the cancer had already spread to both of my lungs. I have received 4 months of chemo, it has helped to shrink the one tumour I have in my lung but other cancer nodules are now starting to appear and some are growing larger. My cancer is at the stage 4 level, however I do feel good, have lots of energy, eat and sleep well and have not lost weight at a steady 180 Lbs. I had to cut my last chemo treatments and quit 9 days early of the 28 days total due severe side effect from the chemo. I will be visiting my oncologist in a few days and may resume treatments at half strength.

    I just came across the CDA website, never heard of it before, I live in Canada. I am quite interested to try this and wonder where you ordered the CDA and how you measure it accurately. Can one buy it in pill form? How much Mg of CDA does your mother take?

    If there is anyone else reading this I would love to hear more about it and wonder if there is anyone with kidney cancer that has had good success with CDA.

    Thank you so much wish you Gods blessings for you and your mother.






    190 pounds converts to 81.5 kilograms.  The dosage for lung cancer is 20mg

    per kg…  making the DAILY DCA DOSE 1.6 grams.  We recommend this be

    split in half and taken 12 hours apart.  So, each half dose is .8 grams

    dca and 375mg (or .38g) thiamin with each dca.  DCA can also be taken with

    chemotherapy and is said to assist the successful results in chemo.

    Yours in Health and Healing, Wendy


    This is how We are administering the meds……



    TODAY MOM GOT SOME GOOD NEWS…. as she has been taking 1.6grams per day of DCA SINCE November 23.

    TOmorrow she will go in for her third dose of CHEMO as we have decided to give that route a go along with taking DCA.

    Well the doctors order blood tests every three weeks before going in for the treatment. They told her that her blood count is excellent as it was three weeks ago but her kidney cell count was very strange.  My mother pressed for more clarification.  The doctor just seemed puzzled and said nothing to worry about but it does not make sense.  He told her he will get back to her at the hospital.

    I want to believe he is surprised in the drop of counts (cancer)  but I will most definitely let you all know.   She is in the best of spirits and even has taken up walking again (in her house for now)  after 9 months of agonizing pain.  

    Will post the results as they make themselves available.





    MOMS liver renal count went down from 480 to 320 since November 23. DOctors shocked!!!!!!   GOOD NEWS her liver is healing itself……

    These enzymes are normally contained within liver cells. If the liver is injured or damaged, the liver cells spill these enzymes into the blood, raising the enzyme levels in the blood and signaling liver disease.


    Baby steps forward…..GOD SPEED….WILL KEEP UPDATING….




    Its a great idea from my experience to

    add about 3-4000IU a day(liquid) Vitamin D along with

    magnesium. We had a great result and did get lien into a full remission for a few months.

    Also we drank as much water as possible.

    We also had stage 4 lung cancer that we beat in liver, bone, and

    lymphnodes. Lien fell to a bad chemo not lung cancer.

    Buff up that immune system and know this can be defeated.

    We had our best results drinking it over capsules but cannot really say why.

    God bless us all



    Great news mom is still taking DCA since NOVEMBER 23  and her renal enzyme count has come down from 480 to 260.   We are monitoring her and she has minimal to no side affects from taking DCA  her ALKALINITY level is perfect along with all her other counts.  We are continuiing to monitor her. 

    We are awaiting news of her scans and should have the information within a few days.  God Speed and prayers always welcome. 




    I found your posts a few days ago and have marveled at the success your mother has experienced.

    I also see that your ongoing reporting is helping others, as it has helped me.

    My pet dog has recurrent lung cancer and her nodules are growing, she is receiving chemotherapy, but neither the vet oncologist or myself have much faith in the outcome.

    I ordered DCA today and will start her as soon as it gets here.

    My prayers continue for your mother and my unending thanks to you for your posting your information.




    AS I WRITE THIS I am praying for everyone that this alternative medicine brings hope to the hopeless and health to the ones that need better choices.  I will post this week regarding my mothers progress.  She recently began to feel some pain in her right side by her ribs.  The doctors say don't worry but how do you not.


    Her final scan results come out on WEDNESDAY January 18  I will post her progress report in the next few days.  PRAYERS are welcom.  Maria my mom is 64 and full of life.  CANCER is the enemy that we all need to beat once and for all.




    I regretfully post that my mom battle with Stage 4 came to an end on JANUARY 28.  Complications of the chemo really zapped her liver.  She did not suffer and for that I am grateful…If I was to do it all over again  CHEMO would not be an option,  DCA actually gave us more hope that I could have wished for.  God Bless you all on you plight to healing.

    <font face=”Georgia”>The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. ~Nikolai Lenin</font> 





    I am so sorry for your loss; my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I know you will always have comfort knowing that with your attempts with DCA you tried everything possible.  Thank you for sharing your mother's story.




    I’m really sorry for your loss I think you did all you could do to help her and I think she’s very proud of having a daughter like you



    Dear SuzanneM,

    Believed that you have done your and sorry for your loss.  God bless.

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