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    Been working with  DCA for qutte some time now…. not really noticing any difference

    I started getting symptoms so I backed off to 3 days on and 2 days off.

    No change, still getting tremors in my head and neck, very worrisome

    Will change from 600mg 2 X a day to 500 1 X day and 400 the other'

    I am continuing Vit C IV 2 X wk at 750mg

    Does anyone have any advice at this point for me?




    Are you taking benfotiamine to reduce peripheral neuropathy? (PN could account for tremors.)

    (Vitamin B1 is an alternative to benfotiamine, and is easier to find.)

    If your doctor will prescribe, Vidaza might be worth a try, see this thread on the forum:

    Vidaza or other demethylating agents, essentially activating NF-kB that upregulates certain classes of genes, is a scattershot approach and it's hard to predict what would happen with say, cytokines and inflammation. No one has combined DCA with Vidaza yet. The first person to try would be combining a novel treatment (DCA) with an untested adjuvunct; I don't think anyone can predict whether it would upregulate SLC5A8 or where else this combination might lead. I'm not sure you want to be First Mouse™

    Can't help repeating my earlier suggestion of adding 3 or 4 ounces of unpasteurized mother's milk a day to your protocol. You need very rapid response and the combination of DCA and mother's milk turned my life around in 30 days flat.

    Kind regards,







    Where can you get mothers milk?



    Hi Henry,

    I obtained a prescription from my doctor; this allowed me to purchase unpasteurized milk from the regional Mother's Milk Bank. It was a little pricey, at $10 per 3.5 ounce bottle, plus overnight shipping packed in dry ice.

    Another approach is to ask friends, family, make an appeal to your local church for an introduction to a mom with surplus milk. It's only fair to reimburse the donor.

    Another resort is Craigslist, or just search google hoping to find some for sale in your area.

    — Mito



    Hi Sharon,

    A few useful links


    · Download “Cancer-Alternatives Preview.pdf.




    · There’s someone namedVincent Gammill on this group who may be the closest thing to an expert you will find.








    Hello Sharon,

    Do you know what are your:

    Red Cells







    this is what I did for a cervix cancer


    DCA: 25 mg/day/kg in yoghurt or cottage cheese

    Benerva 250 (vitamin B1): from 2 to 5 caps/day depending of headaches

    Acid lipoic-R : 1 caps/day

    Reishi: 3 caps/day (up to 5 caps/day during one week if WBC are to low)

    Maitake : 3 caps/day (up to 5 caps/day during one week if WBC are to low)

    Primperan or zophren: (see the notice)

    Try to take the drugs in the morning.



     Dear Titi91, why you speake of Vitamin B1 for headache? Do you have notice of some cases of headache on DCA?




    Hi Carlo,

    Sorry I am in vacation in USA, and all the informations are on my computer im France. When I will go back I will tell you where I found this information. Probably in the website of the medicor center of Toronto or on some publications coming from the university of Alberta or from the hospital of Edmomton. But as you probably know, the vitamine B1  is sold in the drug Bernerva 250 that contains the thiamine is indicated for the treatment of GayetWernicke's encephalopathy.

    Yes I know one person in Tunisa who had the problem of headache with the DCA. But it's very diffciult to be in connection with this person thru internet.




    Thank you everyone for your information

    As it turns out I was still taking the DCA in the amount for a 135 pound person and I had lost some weight.  Once I reduced the amount the tremors went away.  I am back to my regime of 5 days on and 2 days off. 

    The July CT scan shows the cancer has moved into my lungs.  I was having difficulty breathing but this seems to have eased a little.  New scan in early October.

    Still working with Vit C.

    I received a private message from  chantelle but I cannot find it, can someone help my direct me to locate it?



    Do you have these head/neck tremors as soon as you wake up? If not, then they may be caused by muscle tension. Tensing, due to stress/anxiety, can cause muscles to tremor after a while. And you may be even tensing muscles during sleep and still have tremors after waking. Try a neck massage to relieve and see if that helps. Just a thought.

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