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    Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever was diagnosed with an accute case of Lymphoma 8 weeks ago and ou vet gave her 4-6 weeks to live. A friend told us about DCA so we purchased some and Ruby has been on DCA daily (and prednisone too) for about 7 weeks now. We called the vet to come by and give us more prednisone and he was amazed at how well our dog is doing. He is going to be slowly resucing her prednisone treatments to see if she is really getting better. My question is…. does anyone have advice for how long we should be giving her the DCA? Should we be reducing the dosage of that too? Or, giving her free days? I have been reading that people take breaks from their daily regimen and we don't want to harm her since she is doing so good.  Thanks for any advice you may have!

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