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    My father is at final stage with Glioblastoma Astrocytoma. The doctors can’t do nothing. I read many posts and pages from the Dca site.I have the dca. I don’t know how to start….. Can someone advise me how to start. I need some simple guide…..How many mg per day?How many times per day? Should I use black tea for caffeine how much – how many times per day?Do I need B1 how much?What else do I need ? What else should I must beware of?

    PLEASE DON’T advise me JUST to look at dca site.I need simple answers.Thank you to all!


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    Dear friend, please read this statement regarding Glioblastoma

    DCA seems to be very effective for this type of tumors, but you should start it at low dose (4mg/Kg) and slowly move up to higher dose. No caffeine at this point, maybe later if everything works fine.

    At that low dose you don’t need B1 vitamin. However, if you notice signs of periferal neuropathy you might add some B1 (100-500 mg).

    I would suggest to investigate the possibility of starting ketogenic diet. There are some positive publications on this issue, especially for brain tumors. Also, I have read some very positive success stories. DCA and ketogenic diet are cooperative. It is a difficult diet to follow (80% fat, 10% protein and 10% carbohydrate) and you might need the advice of a diet specialist. Kids suffering from epilepsy follow this diet with a lot of success.

    There is a special purpose powder or liquid that would be very helpful, because it is well designed regarding analogies and also contains most of vitamins and minerals missing when not eating enough vegetables. People take most of their calories from this powder, and might add some more from food very high in fat.

    With my best wishes,


    P.S. I am not a doctor and all these advices come from my experience trying to help my beloved sister Maria who fought for three years a very aggressive type of BC. We missed her two years ago but she will live forever in our heart.



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