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    I am a 43 y.o. female who was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer with metastasis to the lungs. I received my diagnosis March 9,2011. Prior to diagnosis, I underwent ERCPs with biopsies to determine why I had a stricture in the common bile duct which was causing acute hepatitis.  After 4 such procedures it was determined that I had a tumor in the head of the pancreas which caused the stricture. Biopsies finally revealed adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.  I began chemotherapy April 2011. My chemo agents were 5-FU, Irinotecan, and Oxaliplatin.  Within 5 treatments my lung cancer cleared. Chemotherapy continued with subsequent CT scans showing stabilization of the pancreas tumor—no growth, no shrinkage.  DCA was introduced to me by a physician friend who had researched DCA for his mother who had small cell lung cancer.  I figured "what do I have to lose"? My prognosis was poor. My oncologist stressed that my cancer was terminal and I only had 6 months to a year to live. CT scan as of December 2011 showed no change in the tumor. I began taking DCA in January of 2012 in conjunction with my chemotherapy.    I started with a dosage of 15mg/kg/day.  CT scan of March 27, 2012 showed no sign of the pancreas tumor. Cancer remission!!!! My last CT scan on June 27,2012 continues to show no sign of the cancer.  I continue taking the DCA 10mg/kg/day.  I am a true believer in cancer treatment with DCA! 



    Sooo happy to hear this.

    hang in there irhiller.

    best wishes



    GOD blessYou!!!




    Dear lrhiller,

    I'm Italian. I'm an Urologist.. ..I'm on this website just for a mistake.. ..but my attention was captured by your history.. ..please I need to know more about it.. I have my "lovely-dad" who is just 65 y.o. with a pancreatic cancer discovered in november 2011.. ..and now no-one wants to treat him no more.. they say that it could be extremely toxic for him with a poor survival gain.. ..PLEASE.. ..I really want to know more.. ..and expecially I would like to know some oncologist or clinicians who are interested or used to this therapy.. ..I would like my father to take it.. ..but I need some help.. ..PLEASE.. ..I can't wait for YOUR answer.. ..Maria



    lrhiller: How long did you use DCA?



    I am an MD very familiar with DCA and a great deal of the literature about DCA. 

    I am part of a group that is about to submit a publication to the medical journals about a dramatic repsonse to DCA in a lymphoma patient.  

    We learned about this patient from this site.  I would be glad to review all of IrHiller's medical documents, etc  w/o any charge and create an electronic health record and a lot more if there is substantiation of what appears to be a dramatic response related above. If there is interest on IrHiller's part, please contact me via email at

    Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP





    Would you please share with us how much B1 vitamin were you taking, and whether you were taking it at the same time with DCA and whether you were also drinking blak tea or coffee?




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    I need YOUR help.. father has a pancreatic cancer with liver methastasis.. ..he began DCA on Monday.. ..350 mg x 2 volte al dì.. ..Tiobec 600 mg x 2 volte… ..Carnitina 1 g al dì.. ..this night he had fever (38.5°C).. there anyone who experimented fever with DCA.. ..???.. ..




    There is always hope.  Thanks for sharing this with us.


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