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    Hi all new to this site, trying to find out if DCA could help my father who has Oesophageal cancer  stage 4. Do you know if anyone has used DCA for this cancer type. Thanks in advance



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    Does anyone no of any case studies of dca and chemo used on Oesophageal cancer.  

    Im trying to convince my father to start using it im afraid the chemo is not working but i need some good information to convince him, maybe someone i could speak to directly would be a great help thanks all.




    Most, but not all, esophageal cancers are adenocarcinomas that behave similarly to otherGI (gastrointestinal) tract tumors.  There is synergy reported between 5-FU chemotherapy and DCA (Tong J, Xie G, He J, Li J, Pan F, Liang H: Synergistic antitumor effect of dichloroacetate in combination with 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer. J Biomed Biotechnol 2011 2011:740564.) so for me, a medical oncologist, I would think it reasonable to try DCA +  5-FU pending other options that may or may not be available. 

     Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP



    The drugs he is on is Capecitabine  and herceptin but has stopped for the min, had nothing but problems since the stent has been put in hasnt eaten solid food for over 2 months, Just 3 complan build up drinks a day, i really want to start him on dca but i cant convice him ???



     Dear Damers84, 

    Capecitabine (Xeloda) is tough on many patients.  Herceptin usually is not.  The real issue is that the patient refuses to try DCA.  With that obstacle, further pushing of the patient makes no sense.  If she were agreeable to DCA, then I would use the 10  mg/kg per day given as two divided doses of 5 mg/kg each, and then see how she handled it. 

    I would stop the current chemotherapy at the same time as starting DCA. If your father is better on DCA and off capecitabine/Herceptin, then I would consider adding  5-FU at a dose of 10 mg/kg three times a week,  i.v.. Then go from there. 

    There are scant articles on Herceptin in esophageal cancer.  I wonder if your father's doctors studied the cancer tissue to see if receptors for HER-2 were overly expressed (also called up-regulated).  

    My regards, 

     Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP



    Thanks for the reply, things are getting worse now. Doctors did test cancer tissue for the Herceptin drug. but the Capecitabine  is making him really ill so going to start dca now with herceptine. Just trying to find out what else to take with it vitimans ect. Thanks Gary



    This is what our patient who had a  NHL (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) was taking and he did very well on DCA alone.  Note that he had an abnormal FDG PET scan indicating his tumor was avidly picking up glucose.  Here are the adjunctive agents he was using. We do not know if these are of value, or not. 

    In the study about to commence in Nassau (Bahamas), all patients are required to have a FDG PET study along with other examinations prior to starting monotherapy with DCA. 


    DCA mixed with 1 can of Mountain Dew (contains 55mg caffeine). B1 @ 500mg/d (Country Life); Alpha lipoic acid 600mg bid (Doctor’s Best Alpha-lipoic acid. Also took Jarrow Green Tea 500mg bid containing 74mg of EGCG per 500mg. 

    Caffeine in Jarrow Green Tea 500mg capsule = 35mg; therefore 70mg of caffeine + 55mg in Mountain Dew = 125mg per day caffeine. 


    Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP

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