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    NHL active lymphoma present after 8 cycles of Rchop

    I started taking  DCA a couple of weeks ago but  have temporarily halted because of feeling a variety of points of pain. This has stopped since I have stopped taking it. I can't be sure if the pain represents the attacking of a number of lymphomas by the DCA.

    I would be grateful if readers can respond if they have heard of or know of this kind of reaction and whether I should continue taking the treatment or should be wary that it may be having an adverse effect. 

    For the moment I'm simply continuing with carrot juice.




    The first thing comes in my mind is Neuropathy which is not uncommon side effect of DCA but to make sure I just wanna ask you how many mg of DCA you take daily and what's your weight and do you follow any specific protocol ? also if you take any other medications that might interact with DCA

    Do you take Vitamin B1 along with it ?



    Hello YHY,

    Where are the tumors and where did you experience the pain?





    hopeful11 I was told to take a spoon which I understand represents 1gm. I'm 90kg in wait. (Male)  It terms of protocols no apart from taking a lot of carrot juice and keeping away from refined foods and all sugar. 

    I didnt realise that there was caffeine and B2 already added to my DCA so was drinking tea and coffee (until then had been off it for 6 months so found myself not sleeping until 4am every morning) and taking B2 suppliment.

    I not taking any other medications apart from a number of suppliments. 

    mitochondriac: my known tumours are beside my small intestines my pain was in lungs, abdomen and a some dull pain on a testicle and itching in same area.

    These pains have stopped since stopping the DCA. 

    Grateful for your support so far



    YHY you take 1 full teaspoonful of DCA daily or twice a day?

    Who told you that 1 teaspoonful if 1 gm

    Please I need an answer for this because if I understand it right so you are taking a lot because 1 spoonful is about 5 gm or may be more

    Please send me more details specially who told you that 1 spoon is 1 gm



    Hi hopeful11.  Thank you very much for your concern. Its a special spoon which measures

    1g. I was taking this once a day only.  Feeling some trependation about recommencing until I can understand the reaction I had when taking DCA.





    Do you still have pain ? if yes, what medications are you taking against pain ?




    With the DCA. did you take B1 and /or  R-Alpha lipoique Acid ?



    Dear titi91 The pain stopped after stopping the DCA but i'd like to make it clear this is not to conclude the DCA is wrong for me to take. I have simple paused my taking of DCA until I understand why I had this reaction.  If I don't get any feedback to explain the pains then I intend to start taking it again and monitor if the pains start again. I of course wonder if the pain is the DCA targetting tumours.  I'm not taking any medications apart from

    ip6 – Inositol hexaphosphate x 3 

    Curcumin  600mg x 4

    Quercetin 900mg  Bromelain 54mg x 3

    Superdophilus x 1

    Bulgaricum x 1

    Fermented Cod liver oil / High Vit Butter oil

    Black seed oil

    Flax oil with Quark or Yogurt or Cottage cheese.

    Any feedback/support gratefully received.



    Hi titi91 I was taking B-100 complex but I was told after that the DCA had it included with also caffeine.



    did you try to take DCA in 2 doses i mean 1/2 gm in morning &1/2 at night?

    Did you take any days off during the week ? I mean some people take it every other day and others take i t 5 days per week then 2 days off

    I’m not really sure if you should experience any pain if DCA is working on The tumors may be

    Just one more question does his pain associated with tingling sensation or numbness ?




    Hi hopeful11

    I did initially take the DCA in single 1gm doses but then changed it to two 1/2 gm doses daily as the single doses made me feel phased. After taking the 1/2 doses for a few days I retried the single 1gm dose and as it no longer made me feel 'phased' continued taking it in that fashion.

    I did take one day off per week.

    The pain was more like aching points/zones in my lungs and abdomen at specific places.

    But the low level pain in private sphere more uncomfortable low level ache.

    I noted on the dca site to be aware of the possibility of Tumor Lysis Syndrome when there is a rapid 'die off'.  

    This condition is apparently present in 40% of NHL patients with an aggressive tumour.



    Hello YHY,

    I'm with hopeful11 that neuropathy is a possibility. Note there are many reports of progressively worse neuropathy following treatment with Rchop… like this one:

    While DCA can often cause neuropathy, it almost always presents as peripheral neuropathy (P/N). In other words, with P/N you will notice numbness and tingling in fingers and toes. The pain you describe in lungs, abdomen and testis, does not sound like P/N due to DCA.

    It would be great if the pain is due to TLS, but I'm skeptical. Do you know for sure the disease metastasized to the areas where you now experience pain? If not, I'd agree with hopeful11 that neuropathy is most likely responsible, probably a SE of the Rchop, and perhaps adding DCA to your protocol was enough to set it off.

    I share hopeful11's concern about the precise amount of DCA you are taking. Perhaps the pain was caused by a significant overdose. Without in any way wishing to imply criticism, could you tell us who is the supplier or manufacturer of the spoon you were using to measure DCA? And could you let us know who makes the DCA? I don't think I've heard of DCA premixed with caffeine and B-1 before.

    Best wishes,




    Hi YHY,

    I am with Hopeful11 and Mitochondriac on theirs comments.

    In addition is what I think: 

    B1 = Thiamine      

    B100 = B1 + B2 + B3 +B5 + B6 + B8 + B9 + B12

    B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavine),  B3(niacine), B5(acide pantothénique),  B6(pyridoxine),  B8 (biotine), B9 (acide folique ou folate) and B12 (cobalamine ou cyanocobalamine).

    1. It's better if you take only the vitamin B1

    2. Exemple : It seems: the combination B100 with Curcumin (piperine) give pain in testicle                              

    3. The combination of B100 and some your food supplements could be yours problems.

    4. My suggestion is during 2 days  take only:  "pure" DCA, B1, R-Lipoic Alpha Acid and see what happen

       And if there is no problem you can add yours foods supplements and see what happen




    Dear Thierry,

    I really appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns. I'm currently waiting for information from my supplier of DCA about the exact contents but when I know and feel confident  I will start again without the B100 or if I can get DCA without the additives try that with the suppliments you suggested.

    I really need an alternative to intensive chemo for the second time and it would be very benificial to me if there are uses of DCA who have used  it as an alternative to chemo especially those suffering from lymphoma.

    kind regards



    Hello again, YHY,

    It is important to note that NHL is one of the few cancers that is readily curable. A second round of chemo is difficult to endure, but if your oncologist predicts chemo may lead to a cure I hope you will tough it out.

    I hope that neither you nor anyone on this forum would chose DCA in preference to a proven treatment that holds out hope for complete remission or cure. You only have one chance at a cure, and you have to get it right the first time.

    To the best of my knowledge, DCA has never been successfully utilized by a cancer patient as a standalone alternative to proven treatments. Your priority has to be saving your own life, not experimenting.

    A number of published studies, and also good anecdotal accounts like Oracle's, indicate that DCA taken together with chemo and intelligent diet/supplements can bring better results than would be expected from chemo alone.

    For those like me, who have failed all treatments and progressed to Stage IV, the picture is different. Stage IV is by definition incurable, and so we turn from treatment with curative intent to palliative therapies. For we late stage folks, DCA with adjuncts may increase survival time and/or improve quality of life. But if I could do it all over again, I would treat earlier and hit the disease harder, and put it completely behind me. I hope you will not allow your brief window of time to close, but instead work with your oncologists and fight with every resource they can provide.

    If you can tolerate a light dose of DCA as a supportive treatment, more power to you. But it would be a terrible mistake to think that DCA and supplements will cure your NHL.

    Kind regards,




    Hi Mito,

    I seem to be getting that message from a few directions at the moment. I will have to make a very carefully considered decision on what to take my chances with.

    Thank you for taking the care to respond to my post.

    May God Bless you with full healing.





    The DCA I used was manufactured in the UK is 'pure' and in fact does not have B1 or caffeine mixed with it, as I initially said . The spoon size supplied was only 400mg.(So I was actually taking a relatively small does being 90kg in weight.)



    Dear all,

    i am from Italy.

    I would like to understand very well if DCA treatment has to be mandatory prescribed by a Medical Centre or it is possible to be used without any medical prescprition (by myself).

    After many mails, i received the answer by Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto, where there were the cost of treatment (based on time or period treatment).

    I would like to know if there is a medical centre that give a good service like precision prescription in base of cancer type and doing many checks of patience through therapy, whole with acceptable "good price".

    I just received price from Medicor and i would like to compare this with others Medical centre. Do you know others professional medical centre in Canada or US or Europe?

    Thanks to all for your sure help.


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