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    I’ve been using the following dosing scheme for three cycles, now, and it seems to be working, well. No neuropathy, yet, as I’d experienced, last March, when the scheme was “seven days on, two days off”, for three months. (fNHL, Stage III).

    I am not experiencing the dramatic response some have reported, but there seems to be some. Won’t know until next PET scan, but no real reason, yet, to take the radiation. Oncol. visit, Monday.

    The cycle is two weeks on and one week off. At the start of the “on” weeks, I dose the first day at 10, total, split into two, equal doses. Similarly, the second day is 11; the third is 12, etc., until I get to 15, then it’s 15 until I quit for a week. I weigh myself each morning before breakfast and use that weight for the dosing calculation.

    Many patients may not think they can do this more-deliberate regimine, but I think there are some advantages to it. The time-on is 67%, and you give your body some time to get used to the drug. Guess you could modify this scheme to accomplish different levels.

    Best to all!

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