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    Hi all,

    3 years ago I was diagnised with Hodgkins Lymphoma and I went for 6 months of ABVD chemotherapy. I refused radiation at the time. I went for a PET scan a few months after and the therapy (incl. my diet, meditation and excercise) was judged to be a success. There was no trace of the cancer on the scan.


    I was supposed to go for 6 month check ups but as I was planning on emmigrating i thought it unimportant to keep this up. I ended up finding work at home and forgot about going back for check up. At the request of my partner a couple of weeks ago (she noticed night sweats) I went back to my oncologist, was sent for a PET scan and it has showed infected lymph nodes in my neck. Exactly how my last bout of Lymphoma started. I am being advised to go to a surgeon and get a biopsy and off we go on the drugs and surgery route again. I've been there and done that and for me at least it hasn't cured my lymphoma.


    I'm in a position where if I go take another year out of my life to do a treatment which has already failed me once that I will not get work in the field I have trained for and financially will not be able to provide for my family. No one will hire me when they see the gaps in my CV. I'm not willing to take that risk and I am researching alternative treatments. There are case stories of NHL, are there any for plain HL? What restrictions are there on this website about recommending sources etc?






    Hi Reed,

    "What restrictions are there on this website about recommending sources etc?"

    Quoting the top of the General Discussion page:

    Forum Guidelines:

    1. We cannot question DCA quality of any seller, unless there are available data from reliable laboratories, and forum moderators give permission to publish those data.

    2. We cannot promote sources of DCA, including personal inventory, unless forum moderators give permission.

    3. We can write of our experiments with a treatment (other than DCA), but only as a case study, and without trying to encourage others to follow our example.

    4. We can post scientific articles or the abstract thereof, with a link to the publication.

    So… please do not request recommendations as to sources of DCA, and thank you for checking :-)





    My suggestion is to bite the bullet and take the standard treatment. If in fact you do have a recurrence then I'm sorry about the pain and disruption to your life, but rule 1 is staying alive. I don't know the details of the prognosis for successful treatment after a recurrence, but for HL it's probably much higher than the chances of a miracle cure with DCA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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