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    Hello everyone,

    Do you know anybody who took DCA and Sutent at the same time?



    Hello again,

    I've read that thread:


    I'd like to contact 'pony'. Does anybody have her email address?




    Pony is a user of the "old" chat room.


    You must "login" and at the top of the page you will find "profiles"

    At the letter "P" search Pony and you will be able to send a mail to.



    Thanks. Quite simple. And I thoguht that forum was only for browsing.



    Lukas , did you hear from Pony. I am also on Sutent for Kidney Cancer.

    Please let me know if found out anything.





    Yes, I took them together for only 3 weeks. My platelets dropped dangerously low, which I attribute to Sutent more than DCA. However, after 3 months on DCA, my kidney cancer progressed. I am now on Votrient but the side effects are too many and that was at only partial dosage. My friends told me somewhere they read that with DCA things get worse before better. Have you read that? I am thinking of going back to DCA alone. I tolerated it well. The side effects of these drugs is making my quality of life very poor. I would love to know more about your situation. Maybe we can help each other. God bless, Mary



    mmb, have you tried DCA alone? My father has stage 4 RCC with mets to both lungs. He has been offered Sutent, but has refused to take it because he belives it will do more harm than good (i.e., bad side effects). Instead, he has been taking dca alone for 2 weeks now. You mentioned that after 3 months on DCA, your kidney cancer progressed….so I am wondering whether I should try and convince my father to try Sutent alone or together with the DCA treatment.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!



    RCC has constituitively upregulated p-glycoprotein efflux pumps and those efflux pumps pumps chemodrugs out of the cell . Thats is one reason RCC is so hard to treat with chemo.

    i think verapamil (a bp  drug) , inhibits p-glycoprotein pumps. also I think egcg will inhibit p-glycoprotein pumps.  theanine will inhibit gsx based efflux pumps esp w/doxorubuicin……

    metformin and sulindac also make life harder for mito in cancers.

    logic implies the more extra work the cell has to do , the more energy it needs, and so then when one impairs energy production with DCA , seems better chance of the neoplastic cell falling into an energy crisis state. one wonders with advanced agressive cancers like rcc, what would happen if the onc mds used combo of metabolic agents like metformin + sulindac+ DCA, then added doxorubicin type med with verapamil/theanine to inhibit efflux pumps , then added sutent as a multikinase inhibitor , weather that would improve the outcome in folks …..then place them on metformin,sulfurophane and tylenol to cause cancer stem cells to lose their self renewal, long term and also on dca and verapamil and sulindac long term.  —just some thoughts– 

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