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    Has anyone have experience of taking DCA intravenously?  My mom has taken DCA orally for 5 days but we are told today that her colon is obstructed so no eating and drinking allowed. We can not give her DCA at all.

    She has colon cancer stage IV met to lung and liver and DCA is my last hope. Could any one please help?




    Just for info in case not already seen, here two mentions (find “intravenous”):







    Thanks for your reply. I am aware that DCA can be given by IV but my problem is I can not find a doctor who is willing to give her by IV. I live in Sydney, Australia.

    Is there anyway we could do it by ourselves and how?




    We are experiencing the same thing. However we spoke to the doctors and told them we would get a waiver signed that releases them from the responsibility. Takes some money to get a lawyer to draft it up.. but its worth a shot.



    Thanks for your info. Could you please advice me where you are allocated? It ‘s hard to get some one here in Sydney. Do you go to  GP or specialist? And where do you source DCA for IV? I only have the powder for oral taking. What was your experience after taking it by IV? Sorry for asking so many questions but I am desperate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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