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    Hello everyone,

    Please excuse my bad english, i'm french and trying to speak as well as I can ;)


    My step-mother has a breast cancer since 2007 with several metastases on liver, back bones and peritoneum. She is taking dca since last monday (with 9mg/kg/day), and has no side effects except tiredness (but it could be due to his chemio she restarted at the same time). She's not taking thiamine, but drinks about 3 cups of coffee per day.

    I was wondering if it is okay for her not to stop dca for few days – like 5days on and 2 days off for example-, as it is advisable when side effects are unbearable ? Or is it capital for the dca to work ?


    Thanks in advance for your answers!



    Hello Medaaly,

    From personal experience with DCA and side effects like peripheral neuropathy, I would suggest that it is preferable to stay ahead of the side effects. For example, peripheral neuropathy is reversible over time, but this requires stopping both DCA and chemo, and the P/N may begin at a time when you do not wish to pause treatment.

    So my recommendation would be to take DCA 5 days on, 2 days off, from the beginning. I think it will be just as effective this way.

    I think you are correct that your step-mom's tiredness could be from the chemo.

    Because your step-mother has metastases in the liver and because chemo drugs will all metabolize through the liver, I suggest adding R+Lipoic Acid to protect the liver from toxicity. I take 600mg/day, half morning and half evening; I weigh 79kg.

    R+Lipoic Acid is a more bioavailable form of Lipoic Acid. Without in any way wishing to promote a particular product, here's a link to more information:


    Kind regards,




    Medaaly hi.

    Mito's advice is correct, but I would like to add a few more things. From our experience and in case your step mother tolerates well DCA, I would suggest to increase dose up to 25mg/Kg to make it work better. Also, as soon as your step mother is doing chemo at this time, it would be a good idea to add disulfiram (antabus) that enhances a lot chemo response, since it reduces tumor cells ability to defense themselves against chemo. Taking 250-500mg/day of disulfiram starting at the day of chemo and continuing for 4-5 more days, it will do a good job.




    This is a publication supporting disulfiram effect on chemotherapy. http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/content/92/11/898.full

    My sister Maria had a good response using taxotere and disulfiram at the same time, while there was no response using taxotere and other agents alone.



    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    I will communicate those informations to my step-mother, I didn't know about R+Lipoic acid, and it sounds very interesting !

    I just read about Disulfiram, but I don't understand how it could enhance response to chemo ? Plus, my step mother used to drink a glass rose wine as an aperitif, and I read alcohol is not allowed with Disulfiram .

    We increased DCA dosages to 10mg/kg/day for the next 2 weeks, I think we will try with 15mg after that, I am scary about tumor lysis syndrome !

    Yesterday she has pain in the spine, do you think it may come from the DCA?



    Hello everyone.

    It's been a long time since I didn't give you news…

    My step-mother stopped dca after approximatly 1,5month (she finished the bottle), and her blood analyses were worse after taking dca.

    Tumors on liver grown up, same on back, and she has now water inside her intestines.

    She was on eribuline chemio (made from sea sponges), it first work well, and we learned friday that it now stopped working. Doctors don't know what treatments they could give her because they already tried everything.

    Do you think dca could help, and could you tell me why tumors had grown with dca, instead of reducing  ?


    I may convince her taking dca again, but i'm affraid it will accelerate growth of tumors, and take her to the grave faster than it would be if she stop all treatments.


    (and again, i appologize for my childish english and hope you can understand what i wrote)



    Hi Medaaly,

    Sorry to hear the news re your mother´s treatment. Based on what I´ve read so far I can only suggest the dose of DCA at 10mg/kg was not high enough. People here administer 15-25 mg/kg to get positive results from treatment.




    Hi everybody…

    I don't know how to put it, i'm afraid my english isn't good enough to not make this "announcement" sounds rough, but my step-mother passed away last month…

    Her peritoneum tumors have grown so far that her digestive system stopped working and finally drived her to an intestinal obstruction… and you know, as I knew, that there's nothing you can do in this case.

    I'm torn between a feeling of solace (her suffering "only" lasted for 1 week… thank God doctors helped us to let her go peacefully) and between a feeling of injustice… She was only 50years old, and she was full of happiness and strenght, even on the more diffucult moments.

    She was an extraordinary woman.

    Thank you again for your support, I wish a lot of courage, strenght, determination and above all, a lot of love, to everybody here who have to fight against cancer.



    I am very sorry for You. It is unfair when good people leave us.

    On Russian sites I read a lot of recommendations and reviews of DCA. An important factor is the presence (absence) of the original tumor and its size. Also dose DCA. DCA dose of 15 mg should be at the start, it should be increased. But all is in God's hands…



    Katerina, could you please send me the links to the Russian sites on DCA?

    And what did you mean by the "presence of the original tumor"?




    Hi Katerina,

    I'm also really interested in having those informations about the Russian sites on DCA.. ..and I would also like to know what did you mean by the "presence of the original tumor".. ..as my father don't have no more hai pancreatic tumor but has the liver methastasis.. ..


    Please let us know more

    Thank You




    .. .. I'm sorry for my mistakes .. .. "my father doesn't have" .. ..



    "presence of the original tumor" - the difficulty of translation… I mean made ​​a surgery to remove the primary tumor or not.





    Thank you Katerina .. .. it's a little bit hard for the translation .. .. but it seems to work .. ..




    for who's interested http://www.medicorcancer.com , a center for DCA-therapy

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