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    Hi All . I need to know the dosage to give to my brother who is approximatly 100 lbs / 45.4 kg . How many mg should I give him . How much vitamin b1 should I give him and how much coffee . Do I mix the dca with water and how much water . He has a tumor obstructing his bowel and he is starving to death . This is my last hope so I hope someone can help me please



    Here's an overview of DCA doseage and warnings about side effects which I've found helpful:




    If he has cachexia (rapid weight loss which is common in many cancers and not specifically related to intestinal blockage), a commonly recommended dietary supplement is fish oil. This helps to normalize the inflammatory chemicals that are interfering with the body's metabolism.



    thanks but still not the answer i am looking for

    he weighs 100 lbs so could someone tell me if my formula is right

    100 lbs equals 45.4 kg so at 15/mg/kg/day I think I should give him 681 mg



    Your math is correct, I also get 681 mg.



    Thank you very much . How much vitamin b1 should I give him per day




    At Medicor Cancer Centres you can follow a therapy.

    they make a personal therapy with the correct dosage and vitamines.

    good luck to all



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    Suggest you use Benfotiamine as source of Vitamin and give 250mg per day. 

     Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP

    Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology

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