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    I'm about to try DCA(10mg/kg) plus 2-Doxy-d-Glucose (10mg/kg) dissoved in DMSO and applied to chest near the tumor(lung cancer right lung)

    Has anyone out there done anything similar

    would appreciate any comments and/or observations

    Thanks in advance




    Well, I guess no one has done this before, and I just thought about mixing dca with dmso and do it through the skin.  I think you are brave, and I think this is a very good idea at least to try.  If it fails, no harm done, you can always try the oral route later.  Good luck to you and please let us know your progress so when I have to use DCA, I can learn something from you.



    I will try with my wife DCA (10mg/kg) plus 2-Doxy-d-glucose (5mg/kg) dissoved in DMSO.
    How are your experiences with this combination?
    What was the concentration of DMSO?

    Best Regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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