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    I’ve decided to buy my DCA in bulk, and do my own weighing. Others might be interested in the scale I bought.

    It’s an Horizon PRO-10 Prcision Jewelry Scale, with a max. capacity of 10 gms. and a sensitivity of 0.001 gms. This makes it much-more appropriate for accurately weighing DCA to a dosage level. Many of the other scales available on the market advertise a sensitivity of 0.1 gms. The Horizon PRO-10 cost me 21USD with free shipping.

    The weighing tray is not removable, so you have to use a piece of wax paper or parchment to receive the powder, but the unit has a tare feature. Also, a calibration feature. Really easy to use.

    Interesting to note that, although my decision to do my own weighments was driven by convenience, I have found that the capsules I have been buying are showing a wide variation from the stated mg-content–from 418 mg to 523 mg, so far, on caps that are supposedly 400 mg. No more details, of course!

    Good luck and good health to all!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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