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Intial DCA use
This will be my first post an I hope to give a update to this post after taking Sodium DCA for several week. I am 46 year old with metastatic Protsate...
Omega3 Dec-- 06:35 AM -1 2011  
What is the treatment you would prefer ?
A poll question: What is the treatment you would prefer ?
flumango Mar-13-07 11:00 PM
by flumango
4 2154  
information source
Hi everyone. This is the first time I am posting a message on this site although I have been reading your stories eversince the beginning ...
fiona Mar-16-07 03:03 PM
by fiona
0 1956  
DCA Trials UofA
Jodie has written 2 articles re DCA for the Edmonton Journal I hope this link works
Marilyn Mar-16-07 01:59 PM
by Sandra
5 2335  
Testimonial with Question
My father started taking DCA for the first time yesterday morning. He has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. The only symptom that he currently has i...
eitek1 Mar-17-07 09:38 PM
by squareb
5 2487  
Promising Early Reports!
**This post has been removed by the admin.**...
adminadmin Mar-17-07 03:57 AM
by Sandra
10 3222  
DCA and changes cancer status
Dear Patients My name is André Warzecha,I live in Germany.I´ve also heared about DCA and the effect on cancer and found this website ...
Andre Warzecha Mar-17-07 04:29 PM
by Andre Warzecha
0 2210  
Lactic Acidosis, AIDS, CANCER, and DCA
I have been watching the DCA site with enthusiasm and hope, and interestingly found this article about lactic acidosis, mitochondria and AIDS. Th...
Interested Mar-18-07 07:24 PM
by Interested
0 1360  
Analysis 2 mo - 1 mo - now
FYI I am Sandra's father and love her dearly. I have been watching this in a kind of 'over-her-shoulder' manner. When math is an issue in any ...
nventr Mar-22-07 08:17 PM
by Diana
14 4084  
Day 15 on DCA
I am on day 15 of taking 25mg/kg sodium DCA twice daily. I don't think I have any significant side effects. One week ago I caught the Norwalk-like...
squareb Mar-22-07 01:11 AM
by ***elliott***
34 8032  
DCA user for 10 days
My father has stage 4 lung cancer, only 57 years old. I acquired DCA and began giving my father 1 gram a day for 10 days straight. He has been seein...
stage 4 Mar-23-07 03:52 AM
by Cathy Martin
9 4450  
Using DCA
I received DCA from and began taking it 3 days ago. I'm taking 25 mg/per 1 kg weight along with 300 mg B1 (thiamine). My GP and o...
Loni Labrum Mar-24-07 11:04 PM
by Magdalena
4 3001  
Brain Metastasis
January 26th , my wife was diagnosed with Brain metastasis resulting from Breast Cancer in 1998 thatwas treated with chemo, surgery, tehn chemo ...
rtshinn Mar-29-07 02:56 PM
by rtshinn
4 3779  
ALLEYCAT7 Mar-31-07 07:24 PM
by Lori
10 5028  
10 Days on DCA
My father who has stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer has been taking DCA for the past 10 days. He started out the first 7 days taking 12.5mg per KG/...
eitek1 Mar-31-07 02:00 PM
by Eric Eden
4 3089  
Day 24 on DCA PET/CT results
I am on day 24 of taking Sodium DCA 25mg/kg twice daily. I feel mostly well, though I feel weak and have some lethargy. I was hopeful g...
squareb Apr-04-07 11:49 PM
by RJason
63 12776  
I recieved the DCA once again on the 7th of march and have been giving it to my father ever since, he has panacoast tumor a type of lung cancer whi...
stage4 Apr-04-07 09:01 AM
by twomintony
4 3482  
Prostrate Cancer Patient A
Patient A has been fighting Prostrate Cancer for 8 months. Chemotherapy, Radiation treatment for secondary Tumours etc etc. Patient ha...
John A Apr-10-07 04:02 AM
by DaveS
5 3098  
we found DCA in china
my father was found lung cancer on 23rd of Jan, 2007, luckly we found the news of DCA published on 19th of Jan from a british website. we loo...
RAINBOW GAO Apr-11-07 07:13 PM
by MZ
1 2181  
Just an update.... Day 25 of DCA 25mg/per 1 kg. Supplementing with 600 mg. B1 (Thiamine) daily, have continued with my normal vitamin regimen...
Loni Labrum Apr-12-07 04:01 PM
by John A
10 3057  
Tumor in lungs on DCA, results of analysis
This is the results of the four CT scans of the lungs from the initial diagnosis to the present. Most of the nodules that were seen in the initial sca...
squareb Apr-13-07 02:17 AM
by Helen
9 7064  
Test results
I have used the NaDCA salt for a total of 20 days. The first week I used 25mg per Kg bodyweight which totalled 1000mg twice a day and Increased the 2n...
Omega3 Apr-14-07 03:01 PM
by sleepless
40 10514  
using DCA for prostate cancer
I have been using DCA on a daily basis since 23rd March 2007. I am posting my findings on my website Best Regards ...
petesarto Apr-14-07 05:50 AM
by petesarto
0 3103  
3 weeks on DCA
I will like to give everyone my experience with DCA use up till this date. DCA 98% made into 500mg capsules I have taken 25mg...
Omega3 Apr-19-07 07:13 PM
by Burt
35 8895  
lung cancer
I a rpresenting a stage4 inoperable cancer person. I have followed this site from its beginning. Our freind is Australian and I would like to make a c...
jailin Apr-21-07 00:29 AM
by jailin
0 1722  
Astrocytoma 5 years after surgery
My 31-years son takes DCA from BuyDCA at 1g/kg/day since Apr.14th. His classical paliative chemiotherapy (PCV) was finished in Feb 07. ...
Jerzy Apr-21-07 05:32 AM
by Andre
3 2150  
Started DCA
I am physician in his forties who has metastatic sarcoma. I read the article in New Scientist which intrigued me. The biochemistry behind the hypothes...
squareb Apr-22-07 01:30 AM
by squareb
20 5837  
Starting on DCA
I was diagnosed in Jan with Non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV (adenocarcinoma). I noticed the articles by Dr. M and tried to wait for the tr...
Cooper Apr-24-07 05:41 PM
by John A
4 1793  
Colorectal Cancer
Has anyone heard or experienced DCA treatment for this cancer? What would the dosage be... same as for other types? Any thoughts / ideas / ...
Dorig Apr-24-07 08:52 PM
by doctom_66
14 3060  
My husband starting with DCA on april 20th.
We are from Antwerp Belgium; Sorry when my English is not so perfect. My husband had diagnostic at January 9th for palliative non-small lung c...
Lieve Apr-24-07 09:36 PM
by Lieve
4 1712  
Good news today
Etienne was diagnostic on January 9th with stage IV lung cancer, also in the mediastino, after the problems with chemo and baxter's (he can'...
Lieve Apr-25-07 10:24 PM
by Lieve
0 1675  
Taking DCA for past 7 weeks
I Started sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) on March 2, 07- dosage ˝ teaspoon daily mixed in water. No side affects whatsoever. One thing it d...
RonMcD Apr-26-07 03:47 AM
by RonMcD
0 1827  
Angela and brain methastasis
Hi all, my wife Angela, 55, has lung cancer (non small cells) with brain methastasis diagnosticated on August, 2006. %0...
Max Apr-28-07 09:58 AM
by Max
2 2235  
Easter Miracle or DCA!!
Just want to share this with everyone. On Easter Sunday we got the surprise of our lives. I had visited my folks on Good Friday and found my Mom in a ...
Pavette Apr-28-07 02:18 PM
by Doug
20 5353  
9 day with DCA without side-effects, contrary good news
My husband Etienne eat much better, and now since 2 days he takes a 50% lower dose of medicine for is pain and he had also a lot more energy than ...
Lieve Apr-29-07 00:02 AM
by Andre
2 1917  
Another update
My father was diagnosed as having non small cell stage 4 lung cancer on January 22 of this year. He was given 6 months to live. about a month and a ha...
eitek1 May-01-07 04:11 AM
by billn
2 2038  
My mother is 61, has an Ovarian Cancer since 1990. Now she is in the stage IV. She started DCA on April, 17. 12,5 mg/kg daily for 1...
Esperanza May-02-07 07:49 PM
by John A
1 1724  
please need help
A few days ago I said that my husband, eat a little bit better, and had less pain, now since 2 days he had more pain and he don't eat enough a...
Lieve May-05-07 09:11 PM
by Lieve
4 1880  
Week 3 - Increasing DCA dosage
I have non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV (adenocarcinoma), and have started taking SDCA on my own. After being on 500mg SDCA twice per da...
Cooper1 Dec-- 02:19 AM -1 809  
Week 3 - Increasing DCA dosage
I have non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV (adenocarcinoma), and have started taking SDCA on my own. After being on 500mg SDCA twice per da...
Cooper1 May-09-07 02:19 AM
by Sandra
14 3131  
Another Glioblastoma + DCA experience in Spain
Dear forum friends: My father (79) was diagoned with a Blioblastoma Multiform 4 last December 23rd, the toumour was exellently remvoved ...
areyesgo May-10-07 05:34 AM
by areyesgo
5 4547  
Follow-up week 2
Diagnosis: Metastatic Prostate Cancer Gleason 8 ? Treatment: Lupron Sodium DCA 98% compounded ...
Omega3 May-11-07 06:07 AM
by Alain
27 7188  
Our Experience With DCA--- Is This A True Test?
Hi everyone. This is my first post. I write to inform everyone of our experience with DCA. The news is not good, but this post is nevertheless neces...
Ralphiezg May-17-07 09:20 PM
by leifaune
12 3632  
Time to Fight Cancer and win!
My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer that metastasized to the brain. They found a 5 cm diamater tumor in her brain and 3 cm tumor in her lung. She re...
TrentT May-19-07 10:10 PM
by billn
13 3555  
honey, I shrunk my tumor
There has been this growth on the inside of one of my nostrils for quite a while (like, years). I had tried all sorts of self medication but the...
incomingduck May-22-07 01:04 AM
by incomingduck
19 5277  
DCA side effects
I am 78. I have suspected prostate cancer but I refused needle biopsy. I have been on DCA at approx 10-15 mg/kg once daily for two weeks and...
John F May-23-07 10:22 PM
by John F
4 2796  
CT results for 25 days on DCA, improved or not?
My dad had a CT on 5/17/2007. I got the results yesterday. General speaking, I am not sure DCA works or not. His previous CT was on 3...
MZ May-24-07 08:19 PM
by MZ
6 1929  
disturbing visual disturbances
I'm taking the recommended dosage of DCA for 120lb person based on 10 mg/kg daily dose, a low dose and restarted DCA April 19th. Last night, I...
robinson May-29-07 07:46 PM
by cybernaut
2 1777  
I found the PH kit and mailed to her. She went back today to DCA. She was having dizziness problems even on 3-rd and 4-th day after she stopped t...
alida2_2000 May-29-07 05:31 PM
by Sandra
3 1528  
Problems after 5-th day of using DCA
As I posted before my mom with Ovarian Cancer on forth stage began to take DCA at a doze of 10 mg/kg per day. On the 5-th day of the first week (t...
alida2_2000 May-29-07 04:16 PM
by alida2_2000
11 3068  
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