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15. "Update latest news"
In response to message #14
It's been a while since a report, so:

My son finished the course of gemcitabine and cystoplatin and remained on DCA throughout.

Most notably, he has just had the results of a CT scan following the course, which has shown some improvement in the Hodgkins.

As a reminder, when he had a course of gemcitabine and cystoplatin before starting DCA, there was no improvement.

So, this may indicate that DCA and gemcitabine/cystoplatin work beneficially together.

Unfortunately, the only option still available is a Bone Marrow Transplant, which he is having next week. I think he'll have to come off the DCA for a while as he will be in isolation. However, I will start him back on it as soon as possible.

Regards my post 6:

At the start of taking DCA, he was wasn't taking Ascorbate (Vit.C)and he was feeling great.

However, on introducing this into the regime there has been a gradual deterioration in his well being and attitude. He was on several grams per day up until:

Two days ago I told him to totally stop taking Ascorbate. Already, he seems much brighter. Perhaps Hodgkins may be one of those cancers where Ascorbate is not beneficial in conjunction with DCA.


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