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"Non small cell lung cc - 1st day on DCA"
   Hi everyone, newbie here from Hungary, Europe.

I just started DCA today in the treameant of my dad's non-small cell (squamous?) lung cc. I am a medical doctor by education though I have never worked as an oncologist.

The original M. paper was convincing for me about targeting cc at its metabolism. Usually chemos rather target cell duplication, ok I am sure everyone knows that. I just mention it as the novel approach of DCA mode of action and its relatively good safety profile were the convincing factors why I considered DCA.
My order has been delivered super fast, thanks for the ppl at taking care of logistics. And I tell you that price is good, locally some chemist store wanted to rip me off tenfold. Apparently there is an underground market in my country for DCA and these bastards are aware of why ppl look for that stuff. Sigma Aldrich was a little better yet very high price, too. But they are not allowed to sell DCA for private persons, only for labs with certain certificates.

Our story has begun in January when my dad complained about "being a little sick" or "having flu" which I tried to fix with AB but it was useless. He experienced "sweating around his neck and upper chest". His coughing also became worse. He has a history of smoking for at least 50 years... So coughing itself was not unusual - I always tried to force him to get an X ray which he always avoided for various reasons.

But this time I grabbed him and we went to X-ray together which showed the spots in the lungs and quite a piece of conglomerate in the mediastinal lymph nodes. First the pulmonolgist suggested that it was a lymphoma which was the better news as that is considered better reacting to treatment than any kind of lung cc. Also the CT doc said the picture did not typically look like a lung cc.
My dad also had the Wirchow nodes on his neck which are characteristic for lung cc-s.

Anyways, he has found himself fast in the onco dept. After some bronchoscopy and removal of one lymph node from the neck the histology came out as something squamous cc. As of today the oncologist cannot tell whether the lung cc is the primary or its a metastasis... The only part where MT could be detected outside the lung was his adrenal gland.

Anyways, since this started I have learned a lot about oncology and I am still puzzled how on earth it is not clear where the primary cancer was located. He is old enough (77) for prostate cc but the urologist said it was ok, also lab tests turned out with negative results for prostate cc.

It is interesting to note that he has had a basalioma on his face for ages - regularly laser cautered by a dermatologist once it looked like growing. Basaliomas are known for being kinda "semi-malignant", they grow slow and do not tend to spread much until they turn squamous. I still have a gut feeling it could be the primary cc.
Despite having no exact histological diagnosis, the verdict was inop cc. Hmm...

Eventually oncologists decided on giving him cisplatin-Gemzar combo which produced all the side effects you can read in the books and we had no much chance to check tumor regression as we were occupied with treating the side effects and make him eat something. On the other hand the basalioma on his face disappeared...

But I have to tell you, this chemo made a very poor thing of my dad. He had terrible diarrhea, never could reach the toilet in time, and he was so ashamed of that thing you cant imagine. He lost appetite, had nausea despite the drug prescribed against that. He had running nose for a week also blood stained and one night he had blood in the stool - black stuff so the bleeding came from some upper segment of the intestines if not from the stomach.
He had lost quite some weight, his legs became very thin.

I tried all the tricks (small food on big plate, colorful decorations, overspicing, social meals, making him eat while watching tv) - some of them worked.
First he liked this Nutridink stuff which is quite good for protein intake, but later he became disgusted with it. Plus it contains sugars, which I want to avoid.

Anyways we had 2 chemos, he was at home, panting in the bed - he looked worse than before when at the Easter lunch which I prepared he said he felt his arms weak and heavy and wanted to go to bed.
After that he kept on panting and looked sick so I called the ambulance as I suspected some cardio side effect. Unfortunately I was right, he has got heart attack.
So he had to stay in the cardio unit for like a week then 2 weeks cardio rehabilitation when he received nothing (well almost) about his cancer. We lost precious weeks...

In the meantime I have "scanned" the net for info and separated BS from promising stuffs, thats how I am here and not on any "supergreens" side.
Anyways, what we do now is the following:

During his cardio rehab I initiated curcumin extract boosted with my secret compound for better bio-availability.
He started 2x 50mg zinc-gluconate and green tea. Today 1st DCA and 650mg thiamin-mononitrate with strong black tea. I decided on a gradually increasing dose of 5mg/kg from today onwards, going up 7mg/kg after 3 days, then after another 3 days 10mg/kg and I will want to stay on that dose for a while and see what happens.
I dont like to fiddle with teaspoons if it comes to medication. I bought this cute little digital scale, measuring precisely at mg ranges, so the dosage I use is reliable and constant.

If I have to I will increase the dosage but I guess it wont be necessary. I can even imagine DCA might be less effective if overdosed. No one here tried low doses yet - unless I missed a post on that. It is not the price or I want to save, I was just thinking if DCA is that specific for tumor cells, it will find them in lower dose, too. If I will be proven to be wrong, I will admit, no worries.

My stevia has not yet arrived so he will get sweetener for a while.
In the meantime I switched his unhealthy diet towards garlic cucumber salad (something like the Greek tzatziki), avocados and tomatoes with boiled eggs and occasional broccoli cream soup. I also give him lightly grilled chicken breast or similar. No red meat. Tomato juice with freshly pressed lemon juice. Lemon juice in everything, into salads, drinks. Fortunately he likes that.

I see here tons of stuff people take, which I either think unnecessary or good only for confusing themselves and others what does the trick and what not.
So we use no supplements apart from what I told earlier.

I do not mind carbonated water for him, it teastes better plus it is alkalizing, you believe it or not. As long as no sweets added. Sugar triggers intestinal hormones which feed back to acid production. Plus a light acid combined with a strong acid results in higher pH than the initial one - it is called buffer base. Somehow this is also the reason why the very acidic tasting lemon juice works as alkalizer for the body. Not wine though as it contains verious other acids which interact with the intestinal hormones in various ways (think of the appetizer effect of a little wine before dinner).

So far the compounds / methods I consider in my dad's alternative chemo:

DCA - metabolic pathway for inducing apoptosis (in combo with tea and thiamin)
Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) and zinc - to reduce copper for preventing angiogenesis
curcumin 95% extract - also for apoptosis

Apart from that just natural alkalizing methods by eating selected food items.

Ok, I have read quite some bad results here - mostly lung cc cases, so I hope for us DCA will work.
Btw it is great what Oracle does about supporting his wife. My only problem with his posts is that I cannot figure whether it is a lung cc or a lymphoma...? Oracle, could you please let me know?

All the best for every fighters here, the heroes with the alien cells inside and their caregivers who never give up.

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