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Feb-17-07, 10:22 PM (PST)
9. "Use of DCA in metastasized colon cancer"
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   We hope to help people in the same situation by shearing our experience with DCA.

We prepared a 12.5 gr Sodium dichloroacteta/100ml in pure water.
My wive (with metastasized colon cancer) took 4.5 ml (in a glas of water) twice daily (25 mg/kg/day). After 4 days she feels nauseous and she stopped after 6 days due to bad feeling. Now I think the problem was first due to the bad constitution of my wife (45 kg) and second we didn't take care of vitamines and carbonhydrates. Both are very important by the fact that DCA stimulates the pyruvat dehydrogenase complex and by this a lot of vitamin B1 is used. We will try to give glucose as a carbonhydrat source half an our before DCA and daily vitamine B1 (thiamin).

Could measuring of lactat in blood be a good marker to find the best dose for DCA?

We are hopeful to that last chance and hope!

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