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"A teenagers story"
Billn (Unregistered was 'Billy Bean')

I decided to register as I've just started my son on DCA. Here is a quick resume of his story:

After coming back from a holiday in the States in July 2005, my son started to suffer nights sweats and his neck started to look swollen.

He was booked in to see a specialist but not until the September. It was suspected he might have Glandular fever or cat scratch disease. One Friday he wasn't well so my wife took him to the doctors where he was seen by a Locum. She was immediately suspicious and booked him into hospital as an emergency case.

Shortly afterwards, he was diagnosed as having Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 17 Years of Age.

Having been told that in 90% of the the cases, a course of chemotherapy would clear it up, he started on an 8 months course of ABVD. Part way through the course, he had problems with the Bleomycin as he got fluid on the lungs and had to stop it.

The ABVD didn't work and in an attempt to control and minimise the Lymphoma prior to possible stem cell or bone marrow transplant, he has been through Eshap and and now Gemcitabine (just come out of being neutropenic).

He had a CT scan on Monday 23rd April and the results show that all the treatments have only held the lymphoma in check and the usefulness of the transplants are now in doubt. He has small nodules in his neck, with large masses in the chest and abdomen.

So, on Thursday 26 April I decided to start him on DCA. I'm not being too fussy about the dosage, which is:

10-15mg/kg/day in water drunk 3 times during the day.

Suppliments: Vitamin C, Calcium, Thiamine, Caffeine.

His weight is 55kg.

I didn't tell him what the effect of the DCA would be, just that it wouldn't taste awful, wouldn't have any major side effects or make him sick (he's currently feeling unwell in the mornings and still in hospital).

This morning 29th April, he rang my wife and told her that yesterday he had a cluster of four nodules on his neck (he hadn't told us about them before).

Today, he says that he can only feel 1 nodule, the others have gone.

It's been a bad week for our family, but perhaps this is a glimmer of hope. In addition, as soon as he's home, he is also going to start on the Dr Bugwig Flaxseed and low fat cottage cheese regime.

I'll update this post weekly or as there are changes.

Bless you all.


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