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"Latest on my metastatic colon cancer"
   I reported back in May that I might have lung cancer and later that I had a recurrence of my colon cancer from an earlier diagnosis and removal of colon cancer in 2006. I now have metastatic colon cancer in my hylar area and a nodule in the upper right lung that was diagnosed late April 2009.

I then reported here that after taking DCA from May 21st till July 13th I had a CT scan that showed I had a significant reduction in my primary tumor of 30-35%. I stopped taking DCA on July 18th because of neuropathy. I had not taken any B1 for the last 8-10 days of taking 2 gms per day of DCA and I attribute my neuropathy to that mistake.

I had avoided regular chemo during this time and in anticipation of starting chemo and having a scheduled CT scan for September 22nd I started taking DCA again on September 10th at one gm per day with lots of B1 and ALA.

Saw my primary oncologist on the 30th and another oncologist at a major NYC cancer hospital on the 31st. Both were amazed at my condition. No symptoms, good health and again a "significant reduction in tumor size".

I had put off the start of regular chemo before this news till Oct 22nd and now I was told that they wanted to cancel any chemo and have me return for another CT scan in two months.

And they had been against any thought of surgery since I was metastatic but now wanted to schedule an appointment with a thoracic surgeon.

I also was told for the first time that my initial hylar tumor was very large to begin with. Had not heard that before.

So initially having been told that I had six months to a year to live with no chemo, five plus months in I am told that since my tumors are shrinking that chemo is not warranted at the moment.

DCA is the only thing that I credit this for.

I have been taking this regimen for the last few months and restarted DCA at 1 gm per day on September 10th increasing to 2 gm per day on the 27th. My neuropathy is getting better every day while taking the DCA.

2 gm DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate)
1 400 mg EGCG with 4 mg caffeine
3 100 mg Chlorophylinn
3 Kirkland Daily Multi Vitamin
2 Super B complex Naturemade
4 150 mg Benfotiamine Synthetic B1
2 395 mg B1
1 500 mg Curcumin with Bioperine
11 Kirkland Omega 3 1000 mg with 300 mg Omega 3
2 Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg
2 baby aspirin

I would like to add

1 gm Ribavirin
4.5 mg Naltrexone
some low dose of Metformin

What most amazes me is that I only took DCA 18 days between CT scans on July 13th and September 22nd. I did not take DCA for 10 weeks.

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