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Mar-24-07, 02:00 PM (PST)
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"10 Days on DCA"
   My father who has stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer has been taking DCA for the past 10 days. He started out the first 7 days taking 12.5mg per KG/day. He took this twice-daily 600mg each made up in capsules for ease of use. At day seven he upped the dosage to 25mg/kg.

Initially each time he took DCA he would experience pain in his shoulder at the location of one of his tumors approx. 30 minutes after taking DCA. This continued through the morning of day 5. After that time no pain was experienced after taking DCA. As far as side effects, none were observed. (He is not taking thiamine)

After a few days on DCA he observed a reduction in the amount of coughing that he experienced throughout the day. Breathing has become easier and he does not experience shortness of breath as before. Before taking DCA moderate activity would result in shortness of breath. After starting DCA he worked in his yard all day one day and didn't see any of the shortness of breath he was experiencing before.

This is just one mans experience across 10 days and should be taken with a grain of salt. There are no medical tests to back up any positive results that might be perceived. He has an appointment with his doctor soon but I don't know when or if he will have another CT/PET scan.

That being said, my father says he feels "great". According to his doctor, his prognosis in the middle of January was 6 months. We are two months into that and he feels better than he did before. The simple fact that he feels better is a positive result to me. While still guarded, he says he might be starting to feel a little "optimistic".

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Mar-24-07, 04:41 PM (PST)
1. "RE: 10 Days on DCA"
In response to message #0

Thank you very much for the posted message.I´m not a physician but I´ve friend who are oncologist and basic cancer researcher.I live in Germany and it will be interesting to hear about DCA since my friends do not believe that it will have any effect.I look at this time for the results and if there are good one,then I will inform them.
With interest,I read that your father had pain reduction and further reduction of breathness.Keeping in mind that his prognosis is only 6 months,his health state should should be worse but this is not the case.The interesting point is: Did he take chemotherapy during this DCA treatment? Because pain reduction and better health could be due to chemotherapy rather than DCA.However,if this is not the case,then these results are HIGHLY encouraging. Some time before,I read that an other cancer patients,named Squareb on the DCA site,did not experience any better health and his metastatic disease have grown further.However,he has a soft tissue sarcom but your father has a epithelia tissue cancer.In Michelakis Paper,DCA worked only on epithelia cancers whereas it as not tested on other cancers.
However,a CT\PET scan should be done to see,if there is really a tumor reduction or even disapearing.If this is the case and if this is not attributable to any chemo therapy,then this would be a kind of revolution.
It seems really encouraging and your father should not loss his optimistic.

Please report me and us further,if something changes in your father´s disease.And if this is possible,then a CT\PET scan should be done as fast as it is possible.The earlier the findings that DCA kills cancer,the better it is for your father and for all cancer patients..

keep in touch and all the best for you and your father.I hope that all will be ok.



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Mar-24-07, 04:49 PM (PST)
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2. "RE: 10 Days on DCA"
In response to message #1
   Andre, to answer your question, my father has had no other treatment for cancer. He refused any chemo or radiation therapy due the agony that he has seen his friends go through. If he is seeing any benefit it is due to DCA and prayer alone. Since he refused any other treatment I don't know if they will give him another CT/PET scan. He is only seeing his oncologist about every month. I am sure they think since he refused treatment his fate is sealed and just want to make sure that he is comfortable.

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Mar-24-07, 05:42 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: 10 Days on DCA"
In response to message #0

I've had myeloma almost four years. Initially had lots of lytic lesions on bones, especially ribs. I'm in the middle of a two week test drive of dca to see if it works on blood cancers.

What I picked up on is your father's having a bit of pain about 30 min. after taking the dca. That's been my experience recently. I take the dca @ 25 mg/Kg and feel itching and occasional sting or minor pain in different rib areas. It pops up at different sites among the ribs, then may go away for most of a day.

I have a blood test on Monday, and will see if the IgA level is better or not. Thanks for relating your situation.


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Eric Eden
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Mar-31-07, 09:01 PM (PST)
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4. "RE: 10 Days on DCA"
In response to message #0
   Hi eitek1,

Is there any update you can give us please?

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