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Aug-14-08, 04:36 AM (PST)
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"squamous lung cancer"
   Hi, Dear All,
I have been in the forum for some day already seeking info about lung cancer. The final word has come yesterday that my dad has squamous lung cancer, which based on my knowledge is a kind of NSCLC (non small cell lung cancer). He was sent to hospital when he coughed up traces of blood about a month ago. He has a very long smoking history (more than 50 years).
The previous CT scan about 3 weeks ago reported that "...the left lung door enlarged, soft tissue lump, size about 5.4 X7.0 cm. The lump edge is leaf like".
The doctors decided to perform chemo on him for 5 consecutive days and then release him from the hospital.
Thought the chemo will be too much for him as he is pretty weak right now.
Just got DCA for him and today he is starting to take it with a dosage 12mg/kg/day. we will increase the dosage by 2mg after each 3 days until 20mg. Of course vit B1, B12, Coffee & Tea, fish oil, Mature Multi Vitmins and minerals (by Kirkland from Costco, which contains Vitamin C 60mg, is this ok?) will be used.
We will schedule a scan after 3 weeks to see the result. Is it too short? I do not expect big good news that the tumor's size is decreased but it is under check.
Any comment and suggestions on how best to proceed from here?
I wish all good luck with the magic DCA.

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