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"Non-Hogekins Lymphoma Mantle cell using DCA"
   Hello all,
I am a 52 year old female with mantle cell cancer. I have Non-hogekins, B cell sub category mantle cell Lymphoma with bone marrow involvement, stage IVe. (stage 4E). Prognosis was made on Feb. 1st, 2007, and they said I had 6 months to 18 months, and to get my affairs in order, so after Aug. 2008, I will be on borrowed time. It is a slow dividing cell, so chemo is not an option since chemo only kills rapid dividing cells. My oncologist will not help me with DCA,(he really hates to even hear of alternative things that offer hope, He even cusses saying BS, but hey, he could loose his well paying job when people cure themselves and have no need for his chemo) but my regular MD said he is 100% behind me on this, so I am open with him about my use of DCA. I obtained sodium DCA, and I am taking 1/8 teaspoon daily now. I have to drink purified water to keep things alkaline, and I am avoiding meat and cooked foods, eating raw veggies, as well as some low fat cottage cheese with flax seed oil mixed into it, and salsa. Mighty tasty!Reminds me of Lasagna without noodles. I am also taking Green Tea extract, 315mg. twice a day, plus Vit B1 (500mg daily), Curcumin (900mg 4X a day) plus my chinese herbs from my chinese alternative med Dr. Peter Sheng in Cincinnati. I wear a 50mcg Fentanyl Patch for pain and take 5mg oxycodone for any break through pain.
Any additional suggestions will be appreciated.
After the first 5 days on DCA, I took a few days off, and WOW, I noticed a Big difference in my energy. While taking it, I wasn't taking enough B1, and I wasn't sleeping at nights, but then after being off of the DCA for a few days, I was sleeping like a baby and appetite was great, everything was great. I did notice less trips to the bathroom, so maybe taking a water pill on the off days would be a smart thing to keep the kidneys flushed out? I have started my second week taking the 1/8 teaspoon of DCA daily for now.


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