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WDS Is there any way to check DCA to se if it is DCA...
WDS1055 Sep-29-10 09:35 PM
by WDS1055
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Beware of Marketers
Users, Please be aware of people who contact you privately through this site and claim to have information that you need. It is very poss...
adminadmin Jul-17-07 09:44 PM
by admin
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All Users Need to Register to Access Forums
A note from the webmaster: **I've setup the forums so that users will now have to register, and then enter in a username and pass...
adminadmin May-02-07 08:49 PM
by RJason
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Forum Guidelines
Due to some offensive posts, I feel the need to state that the following will NOT be tolerated on this forum: - Slander, bad-mouthing...
adminadmin Mar-28-07 06:18 PM
by admin
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Our Mission & Disclaimer
Our Mission Our Mission at is to educate the public about the trials of Sodium Dichloroacetate or “DCA” for the use o...
adminadmin Feb-23-07 11:21 PM
by admin
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