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glioma/ependymoma anaplasticum
My friend in Poland is suffering from incurable glioma/ependymoma anaplasticum of spinal cord we would be ready for an experimental treatmen...
agnes Mar-02-12 01:47 PM
by Christine1
3 1912  
smaill cell lung cancer
Hi i was just wondering if anyone has any info on the drug Tarceva my dad is on 150mg a ady this is his 4th day i have given him 0.5g of dca for 2 day...
franky 123 Nov-14-11 03:13 AM
by franky 123
4 696  
dca how can you test to see if 99%
hi i just wondered if anyone knows if we can test the dca to make sure its 99% as iv read that some are only 85% which can cause sickness ? ki...
franky 123 Nov-14-11 03:13 AM
by franky 123
0 598  
I have DCA
Hello Everyone, This is my first post. I bought DCA from a site recommended by members on this forum. The problem is I didn't consult my frie...
ninja nurse Nov-13-11 10:57 PM
by franky 123
1 825  
Lung cancer and DCA
I am new on the forum My husband ( 60 years old) was diagnose last week with lung cancer. He does'nt have any symptom a part from when...
Virgule207 Nov-13-11 10:57 PM
by franky 123
2 874  
Twitter @abolishcancer - Looking for CancerCures Charit
abolishcancer Darah Bonham If YOUR charity would like to be featured as a SPOTLIGHT Cancer Charity of the Day, send us an email @abolishcanc...
WmCElliott Jan-06-11 09:40 PM
by WmCElliott
0 578  
Mum passed away
Just wanted to let you know that my mum passed away this morning. She was diagnosed eleven months ago with rectal cancer with mets. She died peacefu...
KylieOz Oct-25-10 09:03 PM
by KylieOz
0 804  
Dad has Pancreatic Cancer mets to liver. I need advice
My father has pancreatic cancer that has met to the liver. He was treated with gym and splatin (don't know the exact spelling.) This therapy w...
ELovvorn Oct-12-10 00:58 AM
by oracle
3 1360  
Bliz and dogs responce to DCA
Bliz is my 12 YO Bischon (dog). He was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer a few weeks ago, and my vet advised me that chemo or surgery - ...
BlizsMom Sep-09-10 10:43 AM
by BlizsMom
0 741  
Stress disables immune system T-Cells
Hi Everyone, One of last years Nobel winners in Medicine, Dr. Blackburn presented on a study of caregivers, caring for their very sic...
prime3end Aug-24-10 06:04 AM
by prime3end
0 729  
Urgent Help Required
Hello all, Advice desperately needed please. My dad 77 yrs old, is stage 4 NSCLC with mets to bones and glands. He’s in a bad way right now...
jasondca1 Aug-05-10 04:20 AM
by KlausBreuer
3 912  
Stopping chemo on liver and lung cancer
Hi to all, It is difficult for me to write these sentences. My father had cancer in both liver and lung, where to the liver it has spre...
Burhan Aug-05-10 12:59 PM
by KlausBreuer
2 1433  
Is DCA effective for treatment of bone cancer?
Hello 44 year old female with small cell lung cancer that has now spread to bones and throughout. Any thoughts on whether or not DCA might...
savetricia Jul-07-10 02:43 AM
by jasondca1
2 2037  
Kathi passed away last week
Kathi passed away last week after battling breast cancer since 1998. We tried DCA in conjunction with conventional therapy. My feeling is t...
rtshinn May-04-10 07:11 AM
by admin
4 1179  
Delayed~Round 3 DCA
Well, I had a nice holiday from the DCA. I was suppose to start back on Nov 12th. Due to some on going liver inflamation (NOT DCA related), I ...
Elizabeth1 Jan-24-10 04:41 PM
by Sandra
14 1959  
DCA and potassium levels
My husband has diagnosed wih Stage IV NSCLC in March 09. He underwent two different lines of chemotherpay and could no longer handle the side effects....
Barbiegabriel Nov-16-09 12:25 PM
by oracle
2 1125  
help with dizziness side effect
My dad has been taking DCA for stage IV pancreatic cancer for about one month now. He is taking 1/8 of a teaspoon twice a day, on for five days o...
kare Jul-20-09 08:07 PM
by kare
3 1137  
DCA side effects
My husband who has lung cancer started DCA on June 2nd. He has developed the following side effects...very swollen ankles, body tremors and general...
HealthC1 Jul-19-09 04:45 PM
by Sandra
5 1224  
pancreatic cancer
My wife has stage 3 pancreatic cancer shes 51 years old she stared chemo 4 weeks ago what and how much DCA should she take?...
Nevada_Bob May-11-09 03:53 AM
by Jakke
1 975  
Secondary Lymphedema
I think I know what's been going on with me this last week.... I've been up finally! today, and was able to do some researchin online. I ...
Elizabeth1 Apr-29-09 06:51 AM
by chrisz
20 1910  
Glioblastoma Multiforme - my Dad's story
Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Anita and I would like to share with you my Dad's story. My reason for writ...
nitka Mar-01-09 01:33 AM
by davidportia
13 2492  
Spinal Hemangioma?
The daughter of a friend has been diagnosed with Spinal Hemangioma. This is a benign tumor near the base of her cervical spine. Just wonder...
parachuteadmin Feb-12-09 01:10 AM
by parachute
0 924  
PAIN Relief!
OMG! I can't STAND this ANYMORE!!!!! I am in so much pain!!! In my lower back, it goes through my hips and pelvis/tailbon...
Elizabeth1 Jan-26-09 07:59 PM
by Sandra
7 2289  
ANIA 9 Jan-22-09 09:06 PM
by Sandra
4 1728  
2nd CT Scan~Results
I had my second CT scan on Nov 20th, I received results today {Dec.17th) Ideally, I would have liked to have had an MRI(better to see inside...
Elizabeth1 Dec-19-08 00:14 AM
by Elizabeth1
3 1301  
My Plea
Hello. Allow me first to say that it has taken me a long time to decide to do this, it's not something that has come to me easily, though I'v...
SubjectTerminal Dec-14-08 07:23 AM
by Sandra
7 1557  
Need help
Wife GBM was doing great last month, Wed found out tumor had quadrupled in 30 days and doc doesnt know if she can survive til Christmas , We had ...
tommy Dec-14-08 12:38 PM
by chrisz
21 2575  
Update to diagnosis
I told in my earlier message that my mother was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. This turned out to be wrong information, when I called her do...
PekkaFinland Dec-07-08 03:57 PM
by Elizabeth1
10 1452  
non hodgkin 4b
Hello everyone, I am a 65 year old Dutch lady diagnosed last year at the end of dec. with Non Hodgkin 4b. I have had radium treatment in the ne...
Tineke Dec-07-08 10:07 AM
by Elizabeth1
1 976  
My mum's small cell lung cancer
Hello, everyone My name is Pekka and I am from Finland. I am 23 years. Last Monday my mother (age 62) was diagnosed with ...
PekkaFinland Nov-28-08 11:36 PM
by dimitrisk
3 1448  
Is the DCA working? Is this Why I feel like this? [View All]
Hi, I am on my second round of DCA. doctor says: 2 weeks on 1 week off. I have been haveing some weird days. Like toda...
Elizabeth1 Nov-27-08 05:58 AM
by Elizabeth1
38 7088  
DID you Know??? HCG & Cancer
I wasn't aware of this @ all until I had a weird blood test @ hospital yesterday.... Doctor comes in and says: ANY chance you could be pregnan...
Elizabeth1 Nov-23-08 05:49 AM
by Elizabeth1
3 1342  
Our journey [View All]
My husband was diagnosed with GBM Grade march 14th Melbourne Australia. Huge 10 x 8 cm left frontal tumour. He had surgery 17th and unsure what really...
candydog Nov-09-08 04:25 AM
by tommy
32 7155  
HOPE or Something like it
These words, even though religious, this is not the intent. Rather the WORDS their meanings, touched me, and I HOPE it for you all too. %...
Elizabeth1 Nov-05-08 10:58 PM
by Elizabeth1
0 872  
Stomach pain from using DCA
Dear All, We have started the treatment with DCA for my friend Eddy, he has been using now for 4 weeks. He uses a dosage of approximate...
karel Aug-26-08 10:40 AM
by cathat925
2 1251  
Colon cancer, metastases to the liver
Dear All, I am writting on behalf of my mother's friend (44 years old) which suffers colon cancer, unfortunately neither my mom n...
monika May-30-08 06:58 PM
by crono5
1 1374  
Don't wait on DCA...
Hello everyone, I would like to voice my thoughts about DCA... I'm not sure if it should be posted here or the support forum. %0...
mtran May-20-08 08:45 PM
by Big Daddy
3 1950  
Mix components is possible?
Hi, would I know, to simplify notably the assumption to my mother, if it is possible to mix in water (better in juice of fruit) compone...
sidelait Apr-23-08 03:31 PM
by sidelait
0 1021  
How can it continue with so much cancer?
Good evening all together! My big love is caught in an unending cancer-spiral. Here an Auzug from the last ärtzlichen Kurzbericht:1. Metast...
broesel51 Apr-21-08 08:56 PM
by dimitrisk
3 1281  
Pancreas cancer Urgent need information and help
Hello my mother has a pancreas cancer since 9 months the Chemotherapy was a failure now she has also Metastasis in the liver. She...
majertom Mar-24-08 07:57 PM
by oracle
1 1486  
numbness in the feet and fingers
I previously posted about a message about my wife who has stage 4 colon cancer. She was off chemo for 4 months and during the last 3 weeks during the ...
Vern Mar-12-08 02:32 AM
by Sandra
6 2059  
Use of DCA after surgery; any affect on wound?
My wife has stage IV lung cancer; spread to kidney and brain. She had one kidney removed and stereotactic radio surgery on the brain tumor. She was ...
themanfromglad Mar-09-08 10:38 PM
by themanfromglad
0 1137  
Wanted DCA but Tumours shrank anyway...
2yrs after surgery for Colon Cancer, metalized to lungs.. 1st chemo (3mths) treatment was ok 8mths later had 8 more chemo treatments...
surfer_2001 Mar-06-08 11:14 PM
by johnack
8 2446  
Rare lymphoma
I have a rare form of sinus non hodgkins t cell lymphoma. Just wondered if its still to soon to know if this dca will help with that as well ? Have ...
igotit2 Feb-28-08 07:14 AM
by gsaxby
3 1761  
DCA use for Prostate Cancer
I have recurring prostate cancer after hving the prostate removed. I have been using alternative treatments since recurrence (1998). I have been u...
harmoniken Jan-08-08 11:39 PM
by oracle
2 1550  
DCA, DNET brain tumor
Does anyone know how DCA affect on DNET brain tumor? Thank you in advance for your response....
danijela Nov-28-07 01:02 PM
by danijela
0 1314  
FOLKS from 2007-July DCA test in 3 years on Humans
The intersting part is where they state a second person has been given funding to start testing DCA for Cancer on Animals! and to start test o...
oracle Nov-17-07 05:21 AM
by oracle
0 1169  
30 y.o. daughter just starting Na-DCA [View All]
I want to post about our Na-DCA journey as a way to keep a personal record and also contribute to the info. Background: My daughter, C...
caroline Nov-11-07 07:00 AM
by oracle
53 10555  
Brain Tumors
My 28 yr old son, operated on May 8/07 for a mass on c1/2/3 found to be stage 4 primitiveneuralectadermal (pnet) tumor non-ewings has gone...
rikadam Oct-03-07 01:24 AM
by oracle
2 1707  
my husband was diagnosed with ATC in January 07. After numerous radiations followed by two rounds of different chemo regiment the cancer spread to his...
odelucs Sep-30-07 02:52 AM
by odelucs
0 1500  
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